Upcoming Player Owned Farm changes

Hello everyone,

We wanted to let you know ahead of time about our initial changes coming to the Player Owned Farms.

Please note: At the time of this post, we're testing these changes to make sure they feel right, so these numbers could change at anytime, should they do so we'll keep you updated!

We've been monitoring the content since release, along with your feedback, and feel like the activity is giving out too much Farming experience - heavily devaluing other training methods.

As a result we're going to be making the following changes which will go live in about a month from this post:

  • Experience from Player Owned Farms is now modified by the health and happiness of the animal on checking, ranging from 10% to 70% of the original value, based on how well cared for the animal is.
  • Breeding in non-breeding pens is 5 times less likely to succeed and 5 times slower, the current breeding rate remains the same in the breeding pen.
  • Food rate has been modified, so small animals each need 1 food every 18 minutes, medium animals need 3 food every 36 minutes and large animals each 6 food every 54 minutes.
  • Trait hereditary nature has been increased. It is now easier to breed traits into animals born on the Player Owned Farm.
  • Shiny boosting traits have all been doubled in effectiveness.
  • Alongside these changes, a number of bugs have fixed to try and address those little annoying issues while on the Farm itself.

    The feedback changes will still make Player Owned Farm the top method for Farming experience, however you'll be required to have a bit of upkeep on your Farm to benefit from the best experience.

    Feel free to come and discuss these changes in our Discord.

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