Update: Account Recovery Requests, June 13th-14th


We're aware there's been concern about some players receiving unsolicited account recovery requests last weekend.

Thank you to everyone who forwarded the emails you received to us to help our investigation! We wanted to share our initial findings.

After reviewing the data, we saw a large number of requests were made to our account recovery service, but we do not believe any accounts have been compromised. If you received one of these emails, you can safely ignore it.

If you haven't already, this is a good opportunity for you to ensure your account and registered email address are covered by two-factor authentication. This will ensure you have maximum protection, and are safe even in instances such as this. You can set this up here.

You can also use HaveIBeenPwned to identify if your email address has been impacted by any security breach.

While we believe your account remains secure, we know unsolicited recovery emails dropping into your inbox are never a welcome sight. We've identified some additional measures we can take to make future at-scale attacks less likely to trigger recovery emails, and our Tech Team will be tackling those soon.

We'd also like to thank you for your patience over the past few days as we've looked into this. Stay safe!

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