New kids on the block

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving customer support, Jagex is pleased to welcome two new recruits to our offices. Mark Ogilvie and Andrew "Stretch" Birmingham are now permanent additions to the Jagex team.

Andrew describes himself as a tech-head, whose first computer was the Atari 800. He's a big fan of the Crow, and likes to wear a long trench-coat in order to make people aware of this.

He doesn't like it when people use his real name, so we'll just go with "Stretch", the epithet he gained as a reward for being very tall.

Mark doesn't have such a prominent nickname, but says that his friends tend to call him "Og". He tells us that he likes big swords and girls, which we should probably qualify by pointing out that he plays live action roleplay games at the weekend.

Og doesn't like marmite or selfishness, and was quite insistent about this. But what really makes his blood boil is when people leave the foil or cellophane cover on tubs of margarine or cheese spread. Of course we knew this already, as Og had included it on his CV.

Welcome to Jagex, Og and Stretch.

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