Community Chronicle - 23/01/2014

Welcome back to the Community Chronicle. In this edition, we’ll be discussing what’s going on in the community over the next couple of weeks and look back at some of the best bits since our last Chronicle.

A Visit to Jagex HQ

Last week saw seven of our biggest supporters take a tour around Jagex HQ, where they spoke with their favourite developers and JMods, tested some up-and-coming content and gave us feedback on the things that matter most to them, while generally having a really awesome time. We’re wanting to continue this theme throughout 2014 by making player visits a regular thing, so keep an eye on our forum and social pages for more updates on that.

Get Tweeting

The RuneScape community on Twitter grows bigger every day, and with Mod MMG now joining the Twitter scene there’s never been a better time sign up and get involved! Fast-paced, high-speed and bucket-loads of fun – Twitter offers you the opportunity to get in touch with JMods and your fellow players easier and faster than ever before. Check out the full list of JMods on Twitter here.

In Game

This week, RuneHints - one of our supported fansites - is hosting a 100M drop party at the party room in world 11.It starts at 10PM GMT on the 25th of January and is set to be a great night. Read more about the drop here. Good luck!

If you’re more of a morning person, perhaps RuneHQ’s group fletching event will be better for you. At 10am GMT on the 26th of January, they’ll be kicking back and relaxing at Seers' Village bank – check out this thread for more details.

Player-Made Art

In this week's chronicle, we thought we’d share some amazing player-made art!

Here’s Tuska’s General created by Valhelsing2 on Deviantart:

Tuska's General Fan Art

Up next is the amazing Armadyl made by De-rezzed:

Armadyl Fan Art

And last but not least is an amazing Farming/Woodcutting Dress by Crimpsonlilly:

Farming/Woodcutting Dress Fan Art

What to Watch

As always, we’ll be continuing to stream live on our Twitch channel. Simply head over to our official Twitch page to check the latest schedule, so you know who is next on and when!

ScapeSkillRS has recently published a cool new Saradomin God Wars Solo Guide, where he runs through the very best tips and hints on how to take down Commander Zilyana on your own:


Our podcasts are back! Once again, we'll be working with RuneZone’s RuneRadio to bring you the very best in RuneScape entertainment, but this time with an exciting twist. We’ll be recording brand new Pollcasts – dedicated podcasts for the Power to the Player polls where we’ll be getting your questions and firing them right at the JMods responsible for each update.

For more information and to leave your feedback, visit this thread.

That’s it for this edition of the Community Chronicle. Until next time, happy ‘Scaping!

RuneScape Community Team

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