Golden Gnome Awards

The Golden Gnome Video Awards have always recognised talented video makers from our community.

However, there’s so much talent out there that this year that the golden gnomes are spreading their tiny wings and are transcending video making - this year, we're celebrating gnome-worthy magnificence wherever we find it!

That means that talented musicians, artists, hiscore legends and cosplay fanatics will all be sharing the stage with RuneScape’s video makers at this year's RuneFest - everyone looking to get their hands on a coverted Gnome D’or.

There’ll be surprise Golden Gnome Awards for categories that we’ll tell you about on the night and there will also be GGAs for the winners of our official RuneFest competitions.

And those competitions are launching today! They are:

The RuneFest Art Competition

The gallery at RuneFest will be home to the best player made art we can get our hands on. We’ve a great gallery space to fill with our favourite art so send us what you’ve got and help bring a touch of colour to this year’s RuneFest.

The RuneFest CosPlay Competition

If you’re coming to RuneFest, you’re hopefully already planning your costume and are stalking your favourite NPCs to get the look just right. We’ve seen some incredible costumes at RuneFest and we can’t wait to add a GGA to the armful of prizes that winners will take home with them.

The Video Competition

The video community inspired the Golden Gnomes in the first place and so it’s only right that we kick this year’s competition into a whole new gear. We’re spreading the net wider than ever, in our most exhaustive search yet for the best videos around. Make a video or nominate someone else’s - we don’t want to leave a stone unturned!

The Give Me a Gnome Because... Competition

We’ve a host of categories lined up but maybe we’ve missed something. Perhaps the skills of you or someone you know just can’t be boxed by the confines of categories. Thank Zamorak, then, for the Give Me a Gnome Because... award. To enter, just tell us why you (or someone you nominate) should win. The most convincing message we receive wins!

There are dedicated GGA threads where you can find out the full details on each competition including rules, terms and conditions and of course, those all-important prizes! See below for details:

Any questions? Take a look at the RuneFest 3 Competitions FAQ.

Good luck one and all and I hope to be raising a glass with you at the Golden Gnome Awards very soon!

The RuneFest Team
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