Livestream Round-Up (11/08/2020)

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2020 has already been a huge year for RuneScape, with brand new skill Archaeology adding a huge payer of depth, as well as big story beats like Desperate Measures.

But now we're looking to the future, with our team sharing more about the content roadmap for the rest of this year, including the new Alchemical Hydrix gem.

Content roadmap

Executive Producer Mod Warden told us about the changing content plans for the game and a bit about what we can expect in the second half of 2020.

  • The intention is still to move towards more regular content updates for RuneScape. There will be a 'headline' item each month, alongside other new additions.
  • The team is planning to launch some content to celebrate a popular addition to RuneScape in September.
  • Mod Warden wants to release something "meatier" before the end of the year.
  • There are even plans to launch a new quest before 2020 ends.
  • "I only come to the community when I'm very confident about what we're doing. You're going to see a monthly ramp-up of content. There will be a headliner for each month. We're beginning small and light with Alchemical Hydrix, but as we get through the rest of the year, the content will become bigger and grow in importantance. We're already looking at 2021, which is of course RuneScape's 20th anniversary, and starting to develop the roadmap further." ~ Mod Warden

    Alchemical Hydrix

    The first of the RuneScape team's new content updates is the Alchemical Hydrix. This is a brand new base gem that follows in the footsteps of Alchemical Onyx. It launches on Tuesday, August 18th and becomes the highest-tier gem in the game.

  • In order to create this shiny rock, players need level 117 Invention, one hydrix, 50 fortunate components, 50 refined components, 10 precious components and two rumbling components.
  • Alongside the release of Alchemical Hydrix, the team is rolling out two items that make use of it. In the process of creating these, the developers came up with a number of other ideas which could make it into the game in the future.
  • "The goal was to make some items worthy of Alchemical Hydrix. It's an expensive material. It's definitely the highest tier gem we'll release for the foreseeable future." ~ Mod Timbo

    Brooch of the Gods

    The first of the two items that make use of Alchemical Hydrix is the Brooch of the Gods. This is a brand new skilling-focused piece of jewellery that is worn in the pocket slot. It's an endgame item, similar to Grace of the Elves.

  • The Brooch of the Gods can store up to 1,000 of every type of decorated urn in the game.
  • In order to create it, players need Level 97 Crafting, an Alchemical Hydrix, five elder rune bars and five gold leaf to first make an Alchemical Hydrix brooch – they then must enchant it in order to turn it into the Brooch of the Gods.
  • Much like how Grace of the Elves offered the rare drop table to skilling-focused players, this item grants scavenging to those users. There's a chance that people will receive a blessing from the gods when training a non-combat skill. When this happens, they'll be given four uncommon-plus components of a specific type.
  • This item will also enhance skilling distractions. Players will be given more XP when doing certain activities. For example, the maximum damage that users can deal in the Mining rockertunities distraction is normally seven-times – with Broach of the Gods, this rises to eight.
  • "We've also added a general quality of life update to the game with the Brooch of the Gods. Rather than telling you that you need to go to the Bank to pick up an urn you've already started, it will transport a started urn to your backpack when you start skilling. That's a general urn feature, not just for this new content." ~ Mod Ryan

    Essence of Finality

    The second item that's arriving with Alchemical Hydrix is the Essence of Finality. This is created by combining an Amulet of Souls and a Reaper Necklace – two existing hydrix items, and the two best in the game to date – with an Alchemical Hydrix.

  • In contrast to the skilling-centric Brooch of the Gods, this is a combat-focused item.
  • Essence of Finality has the effects of both Amulet of Souls and the Reaper Necklace.
  • This jewellery can consume a special attack weapon, allowing users to cast this ability without having the required item. The Essence of Finality can store any special attack in the game. However, once players sacrifice a weapon, it is gone forever.
  • Users can have multiple Essence of Finality amulets with different special attacks equipped on each.
  • The Essence of Finality degrades and requires Alchemical Hydrix dust to recharge.
  • "The Souls and Reaper kits aren't useless with the launch of the Essence of Finality. Players can combine them to create an Essence of Finality ornament kit, which can be used on the Essence of Finality." ~ Mod Ryan

    The RuneScape Team

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