Reinventing the Squeal

Squeal of Fortune is undergoing a major facelift – in fact, it’s being totally reinvented. In just a few weeks' time, it's getting a complete graphical rework and a bunch of gameplay tweaks. Get ready for Treasure Hunter!

So, what’s Treasure Hunter all about?

  • Like Squeal of Fortune, every day you’ll have the opportunity to win randomly selected prizes.
  • Instead of spinning a wheel, you’ll use keys to open chests, each of which holds a prize.
  • The prizes and their rarities will be similar to Squeal of Fortune, but tweaked so they’re more relevant to your character’s skill levels. We hope you’ll want to keep more of what you win.
  • Expect a completely new interface: one designed with the central themes and spirit of RuneScape in mind.

Those of you wondering 'What happens to my spins?' - don’t worry! Every remaining spin in your possession will be automatically converted to a key when Treasure Hunter launches.

For other questions, check out the official FAQ. This will be expanded upon release, and we invite you to ask questions and leave suggestions on the forums.

Treasure Hunter is being unleashed in the coming weeks. Watch this space for further announcements!

The RuneScape Team

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