Community Chronicle 12/06

There are tons of events to enjoy - including the 10th anniversary of RuneScape PMods - fan sites to get involved with, videos to watch, pictures to see and an amazing RuneScape ballad, all in this edition of the Community Chronicle!

Fan Sites

The folks at ScapeCentral - aka CrusadersScape - are on the lookout for some talented individuals to help lead events.

If you’re interested in volunteering on this fan site, take a look at their applications page.

RuneTime is hosting a Hide and Seek competition on 14th June – be sure to head along to the RuneTime website to find out all of the details, and be in with a chance of winning a Bond and 10,000,000gp!

Videos and Live Streams

TheSirMikkel has put together an awesome fan-made trailer for RuneScape. We loved it! Enjoy the Baywatch-esque slow-mo running at 0:32.

Next time you kill a few zombies, perhaps you might want to spare one if you’re after a new over-attached friend! RSMurderer knows how that feels! Watch his long-awaited video.


The RuneScape Player Moderator Team will be celebrating their 10th anniversary this weekend. To celebrate, the team are inviting you to join them at their Big PMod Hunt!

You’ll be able to join them on World 11 from 3pm BST. Just join the “Town Chats” Friends Chat to take part. For full details, head over to their forum thread.

Artwork & Audio

If you’re not already following us on Pinterest then you really need to be! You’re missing out on some awesome stuff - including this, courtesy of ThePower_Of_Dashie on Reddit:

My mind (rune) is telling me no, but my body (rune) says yes

As if that wasn’t enough, LegendArts has been at it again – say hello to Zanik!

Zanik fan art

Tunecrafter has put together yet another fantastic RuneScape composition. This time, the artist turns her attention to the Fremennik. Listen to A Fremennik Ballad.

We’re always on the lookout for great stuff to feature, so please send in your videos, events, artwork and other community related awesomeness to We may we feature you in a future edition!

That’s all for this time, folks. Thanks for reading!

The RuneScape Community Team

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