Elf City - Quest Area Improvements

Today, there's a big batch of graphical improvements to Lletya and the elven quest areas for you to enjoy, as you skill and quest your way towards the Elf City requirements.

Complete the prerequisites for this year's biggest update in a better-looking Tirannwyn.

Let's Getcha to Lletya

Today's graphical updates are focused around four quests: Underground Pass, Mourning's End I, Mourning's End II, and Within the Light. The areas in which those quests take place have been spritzed, shined and retextured, and look better than ever.

We've also rebuilt the town of Lletya with some elegant woodwork, giving it an atmosphere unique to the elves' woodland realm.


Within the Light and Catapult Construction are the quest requirements for entering Prifddinas when it opens later this year. Completing them and their pre-requisite quests is quite a feat, so now's the time to get stuck into some elven adventuring.

Remember, too, that the crystal amulet will give you daily bonus XP towards the Prifddinas skill requirements. It will also allow you to start collecting new crystal resources for use when the city opens. Get hold of one of these when you subscribe at 25% discount in our Summer Special membership offer.

Have Fun!

We're getting closer to the Elf City launch, so it's high time for a walk in the forest. Take a look, and let us know your thoughts on the forums.

The RuneScape Team

In Other News
  • Solomon's hosting another stunning showcase from our Character Team. Visit Solomon's General Store to get your Vyrewatch Skyshadow and Aviansie Skyguard outfits - coming later today!
  • You can now log into RuneScape with a Google account.
  • You can now pay farmers for farming plot protection while the Greenfingers aura is active.
  • The superior Kyzaj rewards from The Mighty Falls now have the Bandos Godsword’s passive effect.
  • Following Mod Dean's Twitch playthrough of Sheep Herder (contains strong language) a number of changes have been made to the quest:
    • Sheep are now less likely to wander off immediately after being prodded.
    • Sheep will now move to a random location if prodded repeatedly in a direction they cannot move.
    • The "mushroom of doom" has been removed.

Read the patch notes for other updates released today.

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