Treasure Hunter: Large Gnomeball & Recolourable Kit

Treasure Hunter is getting in the sporting mood with the transforming large gnomeball and a recolourable two-piece gnomeballer’s kit. This super sports gear can be won from 01:00 BST on 13th June until 00:59 BST on 17th June!

Once you’ve got your hands (and feet) on the large gnomeball, pass it between your friends and watch it transform before your very eyes! The ball has a counter that keeps track of the amount of kicks and as the counter increases the ball will transform into more impressive forms with even better visual effects: including a chinchompa ball, a Zaros ball and a mini Stone of Jas!

Note that you’ll be able to switch your ball’s appearance back to any that you’ve already unlocked, whenever you wish.

As your ball evolves, you’ll see your character performing an impressive gnomeball-trick emote that becomes more elaborate as you unlock each evolution of your gnomeball. We’ve also updated the kicking mechanics: now you can select where your ball is going and have a real kick-about on Gielinor!

You can look the part, too, by donning your team colours. Win a gnomeballer’s tunic and shorts - which can be switched separately to eight different colours - and find your favourite combination.

Every player gets at least one Key per day, and if you’re a RuneScape member you’ll get two! You can also earn more through gameplay – simply visit the wiki to find out how, and to learn a little more about Treasure Hunter too.

Head to our billing page to buy more Keys, redeem Bonds in-game, or simply click ‘Buy Keys’ when you’re in Treasure Hunter.

The RuneScape Team

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