Making History + minor changes

Making History

For generations, an outpost has been standing North of Ardougne. It was placed to detect incoming invaders before they had the chance to strike the fort of Ardougne. Many people have lived in this outpost, only now its current occupant - Jorral - is desperately asking for help.

Jorral has discovered that King Lathas of Ardougne recently decided this 'worthless' outpost should be revamped. He plans to make this into a new alchemists' lab for his own private (and some say corrupt) work. Jorral strongly believes that the outpost has a deep and meaningful history, but try as he might he just can't piece it together. He would like you to discover this history so that he may stop this mockery and convince the king of better plans for the building.

Jorral says he's sure you'll be rewarded with some useful artifact, even if he has to find something from his own collection of historical relics!

As you search for this history, you'll be taken on a hunt for buried treasure that you can continue after the quest, with unique rewards awaiting you at the end. Although this quest is aimed at mid-level players, we hope higher level players will enjoy piecing together some of the early tales of Ardougne, as well as the chance to wield a new kind of weapon.

So how about it, are you talented enough to make history?

Other small changes

The 6th Barrow Wight

Players opening the chest at the end of the Barrows will now confront the final brother, assuming they havent met him already while progressing through the crypt. This will save players having to run backwards and forwards through doors to try and encounter him.

Agility shortcuts

Agility potions will now help players use all of the agility shortcuts we added earlier in the year.

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