15 Days of Christmas

15 Days of Christmas

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In Gielinor, 12 days of Christmas just aren't enough, and from the 20th of December we've got 15 days of in-game festivities for you to enjoy with your fellow RuneScape members. We have some great Yuletide gifts for you too, including festive crackers with a chance to contain the black Santa hat - an all-new tradeable rare!

Festive Crackers

For the next 15 days, you'll have plenty of opportunity to collect festive crackers. When used on another player, these have two benefits:

    The cracker grants both players 1000 Bonus XP in a randomly chosen skill.

    Note that no confirmation will be requested from the second player, but - as this is Bonus XP - it won't result in any unwanted XP gain.
  • The cracker will contain a gift for its owner. The treats on offer vary, but there's a chance that it'll be a black Santa hat - a brand-new tradeable rare that's sure to be at the top of everyone's Christmas list!

Pulling a festive cracker's always rewarding, and each one is a chance to get your hands on this valuable new headpiece. Have fun pulling as many as possible!

Festive Cracker

There are three ways to get hold of festive crackers over the 15 Days of Christmas:

  • The first Daily Challenge you complete and hand in each day will earn you a cracker, alongside its usual rewards. If you're busy getting stuck into the Bird and the Beast world event, never fear! For the 15 Days of Christmas, we're giving every member an additional Daily Challenge alongside their usual five, which is to earn 10,000 renown by fighting for their faction. No need to miss out!
  • Any combat or skilling activity that can earn you a spin ticket also has a chance to earn you a cracker. Your chances will increase if you're enjoying a Blessing of Winter buff - more on that below!
  • There'll be many in-game events throughout the 15 days that can also award festive crackers. Twice each day (2am and 8pm GMT), there'll be a balloon drop at the Falador party room which gives out 200 of them. Our Community Team have plenty planned for the festive season too, and are giving out crackers to their competition winners. If you haven't already, check out the Community Christmas news post and the Community Round-Up forum thread for further details.
The Blessing of Winter

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without silly seasonal garments. That's why we're giving anyone who dons festive garb in game over the 15 Days of Christmas the Blessing of Winter.

This special buff effect increases the chance to get crackers from activities that give spin tickets by 20% per festive item equipped - up to a maximum of 120%! It also grants combat level-scaled hybrid stats to eligible pieces of worn gear for the duration, so you can enjoy the buff without being defenceless.

Further details of items that impart the buff can be found on the festive cracker wiki page.

The Festive Aura

Don't forget that the Festive Aura is available to all members throughout December, giving +50% to XP gain for up to 30 minutes per day! It also counts towards your Blessing of Winter during the 15 Days of Christmas. Grab one from a helpful imp, if you don't have one already.

Happy Holidays!

Have fun spending time with your RuneScape friends this Christmas. Pull a cracker or two, attend some of our awesome community events, and - most of all - have a great holiday season.

The RuneScape Team

How to get involved with the 15 Days of Christmas:

  • Get your hands on a festive cracker. Then, find a fellow reveller and use the cracker on them to give it a pull!
  • If you're looking for advice, or need a new Festive Aura, speak to one of the helpful imps, found at most lodestone locations, as well as near the Grand Exchange; next to the Imperial Guard quartermaster in Burthorpe; in Ardougne Marketplace; and in Falador's city centre.


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