19th Jan - 25th Jan SGS Sales #4

The penultimate week of our January sales blitz on the Solomonís General Store rapidly approaches. Starting on January 19th a new selection of wares will become available, including pets, outfits and emotes.

Item Category Discount
Dwarven Warsuit Pack Pack 50%
Bank Booster Services 50%
Nautilus Pack Pack 50%
Nomad Outfit Wardrobe 50%
Elven Mage Outfit Wardrobe 50%
Arcane Resting Animation 50%
Magician Teleport Animation 50%
Angry Walk Animation 50%
Prototype Colossus Pet 50%
Inari Pet 50%

Donít forget that you have until January 31st to take advantage of our promotions on Tier 4 and 5 Auras, including Reckless, Maniacal and Berserker. Incidentally, there have been over 6.2 billion loyalty points spent in this sale to date!

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