BTS Video 82 - The Bird and the Beast

The engines of war are roaring to a start this week as the followers of Bandos and Armadyl gear up for our next epic world event: The Bird and the Beast. Each side's aim will be to gather enough divine energy to power an awesomely destructive weapon: one that'll put their rival god's lights out for good.

In today's BTS video, Mod Moltare and Mod Helen take us through the event: covering the ways in which you'll be able to help your favoured god win; demonstrating how PvP features in the content; and - of course - teasing us with some of event's fantastic rewards. Also, some of our JMods let us know who they'll be supporting when the battle kicks off.

Can't wait to get stuck into the fighting, divining and building? Head on over to the forums to discuss this now!

The RuneScape Video Team

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