Design an Outfit Competition!

Solomon's General Store offers a fantastic range of costume overrides, allowing you to create almost any outfit you can conceive of. You can be an epic mage, Dark sorcerer or a strange person with ears and a tail. Customisation is really key, but haven't you ever wanted to be a little more creative with override costumes?

Introducing the Design an Outfit Competition!

We're giving you the chance to have your costume idea in game, available for all to see you creative awesomeness! With Christmas all too near we're asking for you to send in your Christmas- Winter- and Wintumber-themed outfit suggestions, whether that be a cheerful snowman, armoured polar bear, dastardly Penguin mastermind or Arnold Schwarzanelf.

Keep in mind with your designs that override items come in several parts:

  • Costume
    • Head
    • Body
    • Legs
    • Hands
    • Feet
    • Cape
  • Weapons
    • Main hand
    • Off-hand
  • Effects

Everyone likes to mix and match, so making sure your outfits work with other clothing choices will make it more popular.

You don't have to design overrides for weapons and effects for this competition but the option is there if you want to give it a go!

You will need to design the outfits for both male and female avatars. If you want them to look the same be sure to state this in your design.

All you have to do to take part in this competition is design an outfit for Solomon's General Store and email the design to with the subject 'Costume Design Competition' and include your username/display name in the message.

Competition rules
  • All artwork must be your own work. Any plagiarism will be spotted and disqualified.
  • Must be Christmas or Winter themed in some way.
  • Don't base it off previous events or existing items. Santa outfits, for example, already exist so won't be included as contenders.
  • All rights to the designs will become the property of Jagex Ltd.

All entries must be in by the 8th November 2013 00:00 GMT.

We will select a handful of our favourite entries, give them to our art team to whittle down to the top three and then put it to a player vote to decide which outfit you want to see in game. The winner will not only get their item in game, but will also be given a free version of that item!

Good luck, everyone!

Community Management Team

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