Catwalk - The Meowsketeer

How's it going? We're feline fine over here, because we've just found ourselves the pawfect pet. His name is Felix, and from October 24th to October 28th you can claim him for FREE as part of our new Treasure Hunter promotion.

But Felix is not just any old cat; he's a fancy little chap, with an expansive wardrobe that YOU can customise! The only problem is, he seems to have misplaced it. It's up to you to replenish his clawset so he can once again strut his stuff as cat of the walk.

Click and drag to rotate the model! Additionally you can scroll to zoom!

Felix's favourite outfit is the Meowsketeer, a memento of his time in Renmark. There are seven pieces to collect:

  • Meowsketeer's Hat
  • Meowsketeer's Scarf
  • Meowsketeer's Trousers
  • Meowsketeer's Boots
  • Meowsketeer's Gloves
  • Meowsketeer's Rapier
  • Meowsketeer's Tunic
  • Once you've unlocked all seven pieces of the Meowsketeer outfit, you'll be able to give Felix a well-deserved makeover with two different fur retextures:

  • Ginger fur retexture
  • Siamese fur retexture
  • Once every item has been unlocked, any extras will transform into tradeable tokens.

    To dress Felix in his latest apparel, press F2 to open the Customisation Menu and then click the Pets tab.

    Happy Adventuring!

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