Community Round Up - RuneFest Edition

RuneFest3 has come and gone, and what an epic celebration of all things RuneScape it was! We’ve had reveals of the new Inventor skill, concept art of the Empty Lord Zaros, hordes of players getting 99s, fantastic player costumes and much, much more! We had an amazing time and we really hope that you did too.

For this week’s Community Round-Up, we’re highlighting RuneFest 3 so you can see just how much awesome stuff was on show!

Catch up on RuneFest3 livestream sessions

Missed out on our live-streamed RuneFest videos? Well worry not, we’ve a selection of videos from the event all saved on our Twitch Channel. Here are some of the major highlights:

Watch live video from RuneScape on TwitchTV
Watch live video from RuneScape on TwitchTV
Watch live video from RuneScape on TwitchTV
Watch live video from RuneScape on TwitchTV
Guinness World Record!

Thanks to everyone who attended RuneFest 3 our epic community helped us get the Guinness World Record for Longest Christmas Cracker Pull!

RuneFest 3 Pinterest Gallery
RuneFest 3 Pinterest Gallery

With so much going on at RuneFest there have been loads of awesome photos flooding in. We’re adding as many as we can to our RuneFest 3 Pinterest Gallery. We’re still looking for more, though, so please send your photos to us at and we’ll add them to the gallery!

JMod Testimonials

It’s not just our players who love RuneFest. The staff here at Jagex had an amazing time too! We’ve gathered a few testimonials from some of the JMods who attended, and you can read all about their experiences here:

Mods Jane & SJ:

We had an amazing time planning RuneFest 3. It’s been a lot of hard work, but seeing everyone enjoying themselves as much as they did made the whole thing worth the sleepless nights.

Getting to meet so many of you that we’ve been talking to on the forums or on Twitter was amazing. We finally have faces to put to all those names!

Looking forward to meeting you all again!

Mod Moltare:

Didn't stop moving, talking, singing or all three for thirteen hours! Good times.

Mod Michelle:

I’ve never been to a RuneFest before, but after this one, I’ll definitely be going to more! It was very hard work, but totally worth it. Singing and performing songs from the game and our April Fool's video was a great experience, and seeing all the smiles on everyone’s faces was a great reward for all the practice we’d put in. The atmosphere at the venue was amazing with everyone being so friendly and enthusiastic. It was really great to see the people who we make this game for face-to-face. Those who turned up in costume really put the effort in and they looked great. And the after party? You guys definitely know how to boogie, and that makes me very happy.

Mod Raven:

Runefest was brilliant again this year. It was fantastic seeing everyone and reminded me how awesome our community is.

Mod Ian:

I had an amazing time at RuneFest, and I want to thank the players who attended, in particularly those who sought me out personally to speak with.

It’s a humbling experience to receive so much goodwill from people who love the game we’ve made.

Without them, their passion and enthusiasm the work I do here at Jagex would have a lot less meaning.

Mod Osborne:

Runefest 3 was the bee's knees. Top memory has to be the Ideas Factory, where we got two cracking minigame ideas from two teams (why aren't there more winged monkeys ingame?). The rest is pretty much a blur: confronting Miss Liddles about her nun comment; becoming a Guinness World Record; making my own cocktails; and generally getting great responses from Zaros, Seren and more. Everyone was so positive, encouraging and passionate, and I wish I could have talked to more people than I did. Thanks so much for constantly reminding me how great our community is.

Mod Slayer:

My Third RuneFest and my favourite yet!

I met friends from the previous years and also met many new faces.

I've played for almost 12 years, so it's awesome to have everyone brought together over the game they love.

I totally got my geek on and spent most of my time chatting to fellow players. It was awesome to just be able to chat about RuneScape with people from all over the globe!

Anyone who knows me will say I love a party, and being able to be a part of so many achievements in person at the 99 parties was a real highlight for me.

I can't wait for next year's RuneFest. It's going to be tough to beat this year's!

Mod Matthe:

WOW! My first ever RuneFest and it was incredible – the sheer passion of all those I met, for a game on which we work so hard, just reinforced for me the value of the community we have in RuneScape and the amazing range of people who play the game. I spoke to some players who had flown halfway round the world and those who had just rolled out of bed and got a short tube journey to be there, but they all were so excited and fired up about the game that it was wonderfully overwhelming. The chance for so many people involved in the development of a game to meet and talk to so many of their players at once is really special, and I cannot wait for the next RuneFest!

Get Him Back to Port Live!

As an extra treat, here’s YouTube user Arxadian Nathxn's footage of our live RuneFest choir performing 'Get Him Back to Port'!

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