Harbingers of Tuska

Harbingers of Tuska

Battle the airut - vanguard of the feral goddess Tuska - in this level 92 Slayer update! You'll need top-end gear, high combat skills and quick wits if you want to survive against these multi-style monstrosities. Prevail, and you can get your hands on Kaigi's journal - a first-hand account of Tuska's destructive power; the mighty razorback gauntlets - level 90 melee power armour; or pieces of the XP-giving Tuska mask - the terrifying face of things to come.

How Boarish

Previously just an echo in the memories of a slain god, the airut have arrived. As cunning as they are strong, they're a match for all but the mightiest of Gielinor's heroes - and the only word on their lips is the name of their ancient swine goddess - Tuska.

Found in Kuradal's Dungeon and on the small peninsula south-west of Piscatoris, the airut are among the strongest opponents that can be encountered in the open world. You'll need at least level 92 Slayer to even scratch their tough hides. On top of that, you'll need very high combat stats to stand up to them (combat level 150 at least), and the best gear you have.

As you fight them, you'll need to keep an eye out for their stance. If an airut is up on its hind legs, it'll pummel you with melee attacks. If it's on all fours, though, it'll spit deadly ranged attacks your way. It'll switch its attack style occasionally, depending on how it's being attacked, so be sure to come equipped to deal with both types of damage.

An airut can also wind up for a lethal special attack, and you'll have to be on the ball to counter these. If you can hit the airut with either Flurry or Rapid Fire before the animation's over, you can stop the beast in its tracks and stun it for a short while. Otherwise, get ready to taste some pain!

Finest Cuts

Kuradal can ask Slayers of level 92 to kill airut as a Slayer assignment. We're also running an Early Bird Bonus, where Slayer XP earned from battling the airut on a Slayer assignment is increased by 25%, and fighting them while not on a Slayer assignment to kill them will also earn you a small amount of Slayer XP. This lasts until the 6th of January 2014.

Among the many valuable drops that the airut can yield are pages of Kaigi's journal, which - when assembled - form an eyewitness account of the devastation Tuska caused to the Naragi homeworld. Collect all of these to form a full volume, to be stored in your player-owned house's bookshelf.

There are also five pieces of a Tuska mask to be collected. When assembled and worn for the first time, the mask will grant you a hog's helping of XP in a combat skill of your choice. You can then keep it as a cosmetic headpiece, or hand it in to a Slayer master for one Slayer point.

Airut bones are a guaranteed drop from each beast, and give better Prayer XP than dagannoth bones when buried.

Finally, there's a chance to pick up a pair of razorback gauntlets - level 90 power-type melee gloves that'll make you anything but ham-fisted.

The Coming Storm

Enjoy getting to grips with these porcine opponents. Fight hard and enjoy your rewards - but consider how you'll fare when Gielinor trembles under the tread of Tuska's mighty hooves.

The RuneScape Team

How to face the Harbingers of Tuska:

  • Airut can be found in the surface world just south-west of Piscatoris.
  • If you're on Slayer assignment for Kuradal, you can also find them in the north of Kuradal's Dungeon.


  • You must be a RuneScape member.
  • You need 92 Slayer to harm the airut, or to receive an airut Slayer assignment from Kuradal.
  • At least level 150 combat is recommended.
  • It is highly recommended that you wear level 90 gear and wield level 90 weaponry when facing these beasts.

In Other News
  • We've made a significant change to the way Summoning pouches are made. Now, pouches, shards, charms and tertiary ingredients can be combined anywhere to make uncharged pouches. You can then take these to an obelisk to render them usable, and to earn your Summoning XP. This will ease up much of the inventory wrangling once necessary to train and use this important skill.
  • You'll also start to see spirit gems appearing in the game as drops. These can be used to store uncharged pouches (5, 10 or 20, depending on whether it's a spirit sapphire, emerald or ruby), making runs to the obelisk even more efficient.
  • The stats of several Summoning familiars have been overhauled.
  • The Festive Aura is now available in-game for all RuneScape members, granting 50% extra XP for half an hour each day, all through December! If you already have one, its XP-giving powers will be restored. If not, grab your aura from one the many helpful imps around the world.
  • We've increased the XP rates for training at Clan Citadel skill plots.
  • As requested on the Clan Leaders' forums, we've added in a Noticeboard Event Broadcast System. This is accessible via the Clan Noticeboard itself, or a new button on the Clan List interface. Note that this is only available to clan owners, until they assign the permission to other clan ranks.
  • Retro-styled dragon plate armour and infinity robes are now available in Solomon's General Store.

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