Meet the Communities!

Meet the Communities!

Meet the Communities!

Adventurers of Gielinor, unite! The RuneScape community is huge, and there are plenty of fun groups to join for n00bs and veteran players alike. Not sure where to start? No worries – here are a few of our favourite RuneScape communities! Why not check them out?

Official Discord

Not that we’re biased or anything, but the Official Discord is THE place to go for all things RuneScape. Whether you’re looking for the latest news, need help getting started, or just want to discuss your latest drops, this place is sure to have something for you!

Find us here:


/r/runescape is the home of RuneScape on Reddit. With nearly a million visitors every month, our official subreddit is the biggest RuneScape community on the web.

Get your daily dose of game news, memes, tips, guides, fan art, achievements, and much more – plus, chat with fellow players and devs to shape the game we all love!

If you haven't joined /r/runescape yet, you're missing out.

Dive in today, or check out their Discord.

RS Wiki

Whether you’re a brand new player, returning from a break, or a real RuneScape veteran, the RuneScape Wiki has all the information you could ever need to adventure through Gielinor.

You can use calculators to optimise your XP gains, read more about the lore of the game, or get some tips on how to complete those pesky Grandmaster quests! If you already know everything there is to know about RuneScape, why not become an editor, and share your wisdom with other players?

Don't know where to start? Join our Discord server where you'll find other like-minded players and editors to help.

RuneScape Art Community

The Runescape Art Community is a server dedicated to fanart from both the RuneScape and Old School RuneScape communities.

RAC is a place to hang out with artists, share creations of your own, commission stunning pieces for your collection or even just kick back and admire seeing artwork as it's created!

If you're interested in art at all, be it drawing, writing, or even composing music, this community is the place for you. Anyone is welcome, regardless of game preference or skill level.

Find them here:

Achievement Help

Achievement Help is your one-stop shop for anything that you can achieve in RuneScape! They assist players of all levels and experience with setting and smashing goals. With specialist advice on the Max Cape, Completionist Cape, Master Quest Cape and Trimmed Completionist Cape, you won't find another Discord server that will elevate your game like this!

They've also recently created a guide for new and inexperienced players to get a better understanding of the game. Isn't that nice?

If you're interested in learning more about achievements, these lovely folks will pair you with a mentor who will be able to answer any questions you may have, point you in the right direction, and tailor your adventure to what you enjoy most! This tremendous community really want to see everyone succeed, and they're ready to lend a hand without any judgement, so that everyone can achieve their goals!

Join them over at


Do you enjoy capturing the beautiful environment of RuneScape in your screenshots? Do you love to document your daily adventures in Gielinor by posting them on social media?

Then say "cheese" and join the amazing ScreenieScape community!

Here, players share screenshots, plan themed events, and share tips and tricks to get the best out of their snaps. So, grab your Orb of Oculus and get snapping!

Find them at

RS Lore Community

The RS Lore community is the ultimate destination for dedicated lorehounds! Whether you have theories or questions about the gods, gnomes, or any other inhabitant of RuneScape, this is the place for you!

Check them out here:


Love to look stylish while skilling and killing? Want to keep up to date with new cosmetics, outfits and armours? Enjoy making outfits and showcasing your impeccable sense of style? Then Fashionscapers might just be the perfect place for you!

These ‘scapers really do have a passion for fashion! Their chilled-out Discord server has a focus on fun, fashion, wellbeing and community, with a wide variety of outfit channels and a dedicated space for fashion advice. They cater to both the RuneScape and Old School RuneScape communities, and everyone is welcome!

Assist and inspire your fellow fashionscapers, share your own outfits, and take part in fun seasonal activities on the server and in-game.

Sound fun? Join the Fashionscapers’ Discord community here:

- The RuneScape Team

PvM Encyclopedia

New to PvM? Looking to brush up on your skills? The Player-Versus-Monsters Encyclopedia is an open-source, comprehensive collection of PvM and general game knowledge encompassing the entire journey from beginner to expert. Boasting one of the game’s largest communities, there’s something for everyone in PVME!

The PVM-help channel is packed with experienced players eager to help newbies along. Looking for help with specific bosses? Check out the appropriately-named Bosses channel, where you’ll find guides covering everything from AFK strats to advanced tactics. You’ll also find guides on how to upgrade your gear, use Invention perks to your advantage, succeed at Slayer, and employ all kinds of niche mechanics to level up your PvM abilities.

If all that wasn’t enough, this server offers a warm and friendly community where members can chat, discuss the latest updates, find links to external resources, theorycraft new and exciting combat methods, and much, much more!

You can join the discord community at for a more social experience, or if you're only looking for the guides, they can be found at

AoD: 7-10 Man

AoD: 7-10 Man is your one-stop shop for all skill levels at Nex: Angel of Death. They provide everything from beginner guides, VODs and VOD reviews, learner hours that are open to all, and casual 7-man team forming.

They also have a large number of experienced players who can help you break new plateaus in your AoD journey. Everyone is welcome, from complete beginners to absolute mad men with ludicrous amounts of KC.

They look forward to meeting you at:

Elder God Wars Teamforming

Elder God Wars Teamforming is a community-driven Discord focused on making friends and helping others improve their skills!

They offer a variety of resources for anyone to use, from Q&A sessions with record holders to revolutionary rotations to maximise DPS.

As well as offering a space to form teams for any of the Elder God Wars Dungeon bosses, they also provide a variety of challenge roles to test your skills.

Players of any skill level are welcome, so go check them out at:


Elite Dungeon Teams is an inclusive, learner-friendly discord that provides a hub for finding teams for all Elite Dungeons.

Achievement guides, boss guides, and tried-and-tested strategies are all provided for players looking for help along their Elite Dungeon journey.

Whether you’re a total beginner, a social butterfly who enjoys working with a team while hunting precious Dungeoneering Tokens, or a veteran player looking to help others master the art of combat, they have something for everyone!

Join them on Discord at or add ‘EDTeams’ to join the in-game Friends Chat!

Mazcab Academy

Mazcab Academy is a learner-friendly Discord community for the Liberation of Mazcab raids. Whether you're a learner who has never done raids before or an experienced player looking for consistent raids Mazcab Academy is the place for you!

Two raids are hosted every single day at 18:00 and 01:00 Game Time respectively. Their experienced hosts will guide you throughout the kill, teach the boss to learners and answer any questions you may have. Afterwards, the host will give constructive feedback detailing what you did right and what you can improve for the future.

Hoping to learn the fight or any of the roles? Take a look at their guide collection, which covers everything you need to know about raids!

A server ranking system displays which roles you are able to do and tracks your journey from starting as a Young Goebie to becoming a Mazcab Master. For those seeking a challenge, occasional feat runs are hosted to unlock the prestigious Daredevil title.

Join the Discord to get started:


This Discord community is all about Solak and includes channels for learners, casual, and experienced teams.

You’ll also find a dedicated VOD review channel, guides, and all kinds of discussions of end-game PvM.

They also host their own free Reaper service, providing everyone with the opportunity to get their first Solak kill!

Check them out here:


Not a Solak fan? Perhaps Zamorak is more your speed! Learners, casual players, and hardcore Zammy-slayers are all welcome in this dedicated boss-killing server.

Check out their Discord to learn more!

Boss School

Operating continuously since 2016, this free boss-teaching community is focused on helping new and old players alike hone their bossing skills.

Their staff is comprised of veteran PvMers experienced in a wide variety of bosses, many of whom grew from learners to teachers within the community itself.

Whether you're looking for live learner sessions, a place to chat and receive personal feedback, engaging challenges to earn prestigious Discord roles, or simply a community that shares your passion: Boss School is happy to welcome you!

Check them out here:

Guardians of Gielinor

The Guardians of Gielinor server aims to help any and all beginner PvMers find their way around tougher bosses, such as Ambassador, Nex; AoD or Yakamaru, while keeping things simple and easy to understand.

They also provide an in-depth guide for Invention training and its PvM uses, as well as lists of information for various potions, equipment, abilities, Ability Bar setups and more. If you need assistance or wish to team up with others, don't hesitate to ask in the dedicated channels!

Check them out here:

Rago PvM

Venture into the borehole!

Rago PvM is a place for all things Vorago, including teamforming, teaching sessions and a set of diverse tools that will arm you with the knowledge you need to take on one of RuneScape’s toughest bosses. Helping everyone improve is their main goal!

If you want to learn roles, get your first KC or complete an achievement, Rago PvM have you covered. Players of all skill levels are welcome to join.

Fun fact: Rago PvM is actually one of the oldest PvM communities in RuneScape!

They have an in-game Friends Chat (Rago PvM) which you can join to host teams and ask for help. Or, check out the discord here:


DetoxPvM is a friendly and non-toxic PvMing community. They focus heavily on teaching new and veteran players bosses they have not yet learned or mastered.

Their goal is to make learning PvM comfortable regardless of your playstyle, and they’re also open to helping out Ironmen!

Here’s what they have to offer:

  • Quick guides
  • Personalized teaching sessions catered to you!
  • Unique roles to obtain
  • PvM help
  • Events
  • Fun personalized bots specially designed for the server!
  • Team-forming
  • A place to have fun and hang out!

Check them out here:

Boss Guild

Welcome to Boss Guild!

This group is formed and managed by a group of dedicated players who prioritise helping out others and positively engaging with the community to allow people of any PvM experience to learn without any elitism, toxicity, or negativity. Whether you're completely new to PvM and looking to learn, or you're experienced and want to share your knowledge, they're the community for you!

Here's what they have to offer:

  • A warm and welcoming community, both in-game and on Discord.
  • Daily boss masses, ranging from KBD and Giant Mole to AoD and Vorago.
  • World Events on Friday/Saturday/Sunday at 20:00 Gametime, with no requirement.
  • Regular learner raid sessions, with minimal requirements to participate.
  • Small teamforming and learner sessions for bosses like AoD and Vorago.
  • Giveaways, community events, and various bossing marathon sprees.
  • Custom opt-in roles so you only get pinged for the content you want to see.

Check them out here:

PvM City

This friendly and helpful community is made up of avid PvMers who offer teamforming opportunities for endgame bosses like Zamorak, Solak, Vorago and more!

The PvM City Discord is home to a diverse and ever-expanding group of experienced players who are comfortable with applying good rotations and DPS.

They have an active teamforming channel that connects competent PvMers with other experienced and expert players. They welcome players with 0 KC but ask that they are open to learning how to PvM effectively.

From High-Level to Master ranks, there’s always a new goal to achieve!

Check them out here:

- The RuneScape Team


This is a server for everyone in the Minigames and D&Ds community! Not interested in Minigames or D&Ds? Fear not, they still love you, and they’re here to cater for everyone!

Originally, Discord was created solely for the 'Minigames' FC. However, with the current state of Minigames and D&Ds in RuneScape, it was decided to open it up to the entire community.

The FC primarily follows the Minigame Spotlight system, as well as the D&D known as 'Goebiebands', but they are always happy to assist anyone who needs their help – so feel free to ask! In future, they hope to expand the FC even more.

Here’s their schedule:

  • AFK Thaler games: following the spotlight rotation
  • Goebiebands: twice daily at 00:05 and 12:05 Game Time
  • Wilderness Warbands: every 7 hours
  • Weekly Minigame and D&D events: possibly with partners
  • Minigame and D&D related tasks: Achievement assistance

Check them out here:


CoreHunting is a Divination-focused community based in the Hall of Memories.

They organize and prioritize worlds based on how close they are to activating to ensure the maximal experience for everyone. For anyone trying to get that last stretch to unlock Invention, going for 99, 120, or even more, we help make the grind an enjoyable experience. Just add CoreHunting to your Friends Chat to join the fun!

If you're not sure where to begin check out the Discord. There, you’ll find guides on how to get the highest XP rates at your level, as well as how the Memorial to Guthix works and how to maximize your gains.

Harmed Ore

Harmed Ore is the Friends Chat-based Mining community that scouts and calls out the best worlds for Light and Dark Animica ores in Prifddinas. When the Trahaearn Voice of Seren is active, Light and Dark Animica ores have a chance to harmonize and replace ore rocks in the Trahaearn district. Together, these intrepid miners find worlds with the most efficient layouts for rockertunities!

Don’t know what lossless rockertunities are? Harmed Ore can help! They answer all questions in FC and have additional resources in their Discord. Whether you want 200Million Mining, need ores to make your own Masterwork Armour, or just need a place to hang out and mine - Harmed Ore has you covered!

Have you heard of the Mining and Smithing Rework? Don’t worry - they can get you up to speed.

Their goal is to help all miners, no matter the VOS. Join Harmed Ore FC in-game or in Discord! See you in Trah!


Since the release of our newest skill, the Archaeology Discord server has worked tirelessly to collect and analyse as much data as possible about Archaeology, in order to provide the best advice on how to train.

They've contributed extensively to the RS Wiki' Archaeology guides to ensure that all information is made as widely available as possible, and they answer questions from players on a daily basis.

Join the discussion to learn more about the most in-depth skill in RuneScape and share your finds with us!

Check them out here:

Deep Sea Fishing

The Deep Sea Fishing platform is home to the very popular Travelling Merchant!

A large majority of the community already knows about the goods on offer; if you're not familiar, then some of the most sought-after items include the Livid Plant and the Gift for the Reaper. Join this community, and you'll never miss any of your most-wanted items again, with daily notifications and shoutouts for the Merchant world location(s)!

All the other platform events are reported once called if you’re on the hunt for specific Achievements. Head to World 116, the dedicated DSF world, to join a friendly community who will gladly help with any events that pop up during your visit. They also have a bunch of staff in the discord who are happy to help with any questions.

Join in on Discord ( or pop by the Friends Chat (WhirlpoolDnD) in-game to get started!

Penguin Hide and Seek

This community welcomes everyone who wants to participate in the Penguin Hide and Seek D&D! They provide weekly locations for spying as well as tips, tricks, and discussions of all things penguin in Runescape.

The World60pengs community is active on Discord, Reddit, Twitter, RS forums (weekly thread in the D&D forum) and the in-game Friends Chat (add world60pengs).

Reddit: World60pengs

Twitter: @TeamPeng


The place to find and share Portable Skilling Stations and Bank Deposit Boxes!

Everyone is welcome to host and post their Portables and help each other out with skilling methods.

Check them out here:

- The RuneScape Team


Welcome to Taskman Mode!

Whether you're a new player feeling overwhelmed by it all or an experienced player looking for a new challenge, this community has the perfect solution! Taskman Mode is the critically acclaimed anti-bankstanding tool that helps you explore new content, old content and everything in between, and ensures you always have something to do.

Head to the website, and you’ll receive a set of randomly-generated tasks to try. They range from befriending Star Sprites to fighting the mild-tempered Telos, or, if you dare, going against the odds to catch the infamous Big Bass. The tasks are separated into tiers based on difficulty, so it shouldn’t be too overwhelming to start with!

By default, you’ll start in the Beginner tier where you'll be asked to complete some easy achievements around the world. Finish everything, and you’ll get to try the next tier!

Alternatively, you can get your tasks generated from every tier pool, for a real challenge!

The goal is to complete everything, have fun along the way, and put yourself to the test. Whether you want to settle for a Max Cape, aspire to the Completionist, or chase that infamous True Trim, Taskman Mode will help you shape your journey!

They offer two ways to play:

Taskman: Create a fresh Hardcore Ironman account and begin rolling tasks using our ruleset. This mode also comes with a leaderboard!

Taskmain: Use an existing account or make a new one and roll tasks from any tier, with the ability to re-roll your task without extra rules!

Interested? Head on over to the website or Discord server!

TH Trading

If you're looking to complete skilling outfits, Tuska Masks or Chocolate collections, TH Trading has all 1:1 trades available in-game for free!

Join a role to be notified when certain outfit pieces are available, or simply post what you have available to trade and what you're looking for.

They also have bulk trading and Token channels to easily find buyers for these kinds of trades.

Check them out here:

Irons of Gielinor

IoG is a social Ironman community focussed on all kinds of PvM, with an emphasis on end-game progression.

They offer both staff-run events for bosses like Croesus, AoD and Solak, and an active community-run hosting channel.

There are also channels for getting advice and presets for all things Ironman – not just bossing!

Check them out here:

F2P United

F2P United are a friendly free-to-play community for new, returning and long-term adventurers. Although many experienced players call our community home, it's those with a fresh mind who often lead the way to new discoveries.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have – they’ll try their best to help out!

Check them out here:


SuityBot is the biggest RuneScape price-checking community, keeping players informed of up-to-date prices on hundreds of items. With the upcoming changes to the Grand Exchange's price cap, SuityBot will be re-enabling items over max cash!

SuityBot also hosts the biggest RuneScape marketplace to buy and sell your bulk and expensive items including skilling, rare or discontinued items, and a recent expansion to the marketplace exclusively for Player-Owned-Farms animals.

Not your cup of tea? Why not try Suitybot's Idle RPG? Join the Discord server to play a RuneScape-inspired Idle game directly from Discord! It comes complete with skills, levels, over 2,000 items, combat, community-driven events, a leaderboard, a research tree with over 200 options, production chains, and our very own Grand Exchange! Get started using the .play command.

You can join on Discord, or, if you have a server of your own, you can invite SuityBot themselves and link up with a community of over 12,000 other Discord servers.

Here’s the invite link: Here

- The RuneScape Team

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