Postbag from the Hedge Returns!

Welcome back to Postbag from the Hedge, bringing you insight from some of RuneScapeís most talked-about monsters and residents. For those who have never experienced one of Postie Peteís postbags, hereís a message from the man himself about who he is and how you can get in touch.

Iím Postie Pete, and I relay the messages you send to to the various characters, monsters and inanimate objects in Gielinor. The replies range from the serious to the funny or downright outrageous. Occasionally, they even hint at up-and-coming content!

I couldnít think of a more special way to celebrate Christmas than visiting some of my favourite friends from RuneScape, so for this edition Iím hoping to spread the festive cheer all around Gielinor. Yep, thatís right - this postbag is a giant free-for-all! Direct your letters at any character or monster: whether youíve got a burning question to ask or simply want to find out a bit more about your favourite Gielinor monster, Iíll pass it on!

Thatís it from me for now, so Merry Christmas and Iíll see you all again soon!

Donít forget to send me your letters to Ė but remember, I canít accept links so attach your creations to your e-mail instead.

Postie Pete

Thanks Pete! So youíve heard it from the man himself, send any questions, comments or compliments through to and Postie Pete will sort & send them out to their eager recipients! Everyone likes receiving Christmas letters, so be as creative as you like when deciding who to address your letter to.

Review the submission guidelines and discuss this newspost on the forums.

The RuneScape Community Team

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