Premier Club - Pay with Bonds

Premier Club - Pay with Bonds

Now you can enjoy RuneScape’s greatest membership deal and access everything 2014 has to offer by using Bonds! Use your in-game wealth to buy Bonds, then turn those Bonds into Premier Club membership.

The Bronze, Silver and Gold packages cost 6, 12 and 24 Bonds respectively. The Gold package features a year of membership, 150,000 Loyalty Points, two exclusive pets, VIP status – including access to exclusive VIP worlds – and much more.

You can get Bonds in-game on the Grand Exchange, or by trading directly with other players. To sign up to the Premier Club using your Bonds, click on a Bond in your inventory, or the Bonds button in the Extras interface. Then, follow the on-screen prompts to get your chosen membership package!

You can find out more about Bonds here. Note that we’ve also expanded our billing options, so you can buy Bonds via PlaySpan, and via SMS (except Verizon in the USA).

The RuneScape Team

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