RuneScape Top Trumps: Monsters - Now Available!

RuneScape Top Trumps: Monsters - Now Available!

If you've ever wondered how Lucien would stand up to Nomad in scrap, or just how old Rabid Jack really is, there's a treat in store for you. In conjunction with Winning Moves, we're proud to present RuneScape Top Trumps: Monsters – a classic card game with a new RuneScape theme.

Beat your friends' scores in one of five different categories to win their cards. Collect all 30 of the famous RuneScape characters available - many of which were voted for by the RuneScape community!

This is a limited-edition pack of all 30 cards, and stocks will run out quickly. Get your deck now by heading to our official RuneScape Top Trumps: Monsters page.

You can even buy them with Bonds! To do so, you’ll need to contact us via your account's message centre. Simply follow these instructions and we’ll do the rest.

The pack of 30 cards is available from as little as £5.99, €8.00 or US$10.00 (not including shipping), or 3 Bonds (shipping included). Please note that worldwide delivery from the UK is available now, but delivery from the US will also be available from mid-January.

Everything essential you’ll find here. For any further card-battling questions, check out the official FAQ.

The RuneScape Team

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