Sirenic Armour

Sirenic Armour

Members only - high-level Ranged and Crafting update

Rangers rejoice - sirenic armour is here! This level 90 power-type armour is the very best gear you can wear for pumping out projectiles. Made by high-level crafters using drops from powerful monsters, it also means money-making prospects for skillers and slayers. Doesn't hurt that it looks amazing, too!

Sirenic Armour

Sirenic armour consists of three pieces: a mask (head), hauberk (torso) and chaps (legs). Each piece requires level 90 Defence to be worn and imparts a best-in-slot ranged damage bonus, with defensive stats exceeded only by superior Death Lotus armour.

It degrades in the same way as tectonic armour: it becomes untradeable once it has been used in combat, cannot be repaired, and lasts for around 60,000 hits before disintegrating entirely.

The armour can only be obtained through the Crafting skill, or through trade. Crafting the armour requires Crafting levels of 91 to 93, as well as two materials: sirenic scales and algarum thread. For full details, take a look at the wiki.

Sirenic scales can be found as drops from legiones, as well as from aquanites, spiritual mages and dark beasts, or traded. Algarum thread can be purchased from Ocellus Virius outside the Monastery of Ascension at a cost of 500,000 coins per unit.

The true origins of these strange materials are shrouded in mystery, and Ocellus is staying tight-lipped, but one thing's for certain: every master sharpshooter in Gielinor will want a set of this spectacular, powerful armour!

Mod Neuo and the RuneScape Team

  • You must be a RuneScape member.
  • To wear:

    • Level 90 Defence
  • To craft:

    • 91 Crafting (mask)
    • 92 Crafting (chaps)
    • 93 Crafting (hauberk)

Ultimate Ability Update

This week, we've also updated some of the ultimate abilities, making them more powerful, long-lasting or useful:

  • Meteor Strike and Incendiary Shot impart a new buff upon the player when activated, granting 10% adrenaline for every critical hit dealt within the next 30 seconds.
  • Tsunami imparts the same buff when used, and also enjoys greatly increased minimum damage - 200% of auto-cast spell damage. Maximum damage stays at 300%.
  • Death's Swiftness and Sunshine have had the durations of their static area-based buff effects increased to 30 seconds.
  • Pulverise has had its damage range improved. It now causes 200-250% of weapon damage. Additionally, its debuff duration has been increased to 30 seconds, and it restores 50% adrenaline if it kills its targets.

Mod Chris L and the RuneScape Team

Behind the Scenes Video

For a look at the art design behind sirenic armour - as well as a preview of the Lumbridge Rebuildathon - take a look at our latest Behind the Scenes Video:

In Other News
  • The Loyalty Point pricing of many items on Solomon's General Store has been re-evaluated, with up to 40% drops in LP cost. If you've spent Loyalty Points on any of these items since 2nd September, you'll be receiving a rebate very soon to make up the difference.
  • All degradable items will degrade by 20% on death when they would go to your gravestone. Degradable items that convert to coin when dropped, or that are saved from your gravestone do not lose charge in this way.
  • All items, including degradable items, are now correctly stored in a gravestone.

The patch notes archive can be viewed here.

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