Squeal of Fortune - Divination Skill Outfits

Squeal of Fortune - Divination Skill Outfits

This week, Squeal of Fortune is holding its first ever Divination-themed promotion. The diviner's outfit is up for grabs from Friday 1st of November!

With switchable looks for men and women – inspired by Divination expert Faizan Augour and its discoverer Orla Fairweather, respectively – each diviner's outfit comes in five pieces. Each piece gives you a 1% increase to Divination XP gained while it's worn, and equipping the whole outfit adds another 1%. That’s a chunky 6% XP boost to your Divination XP!

This weekend, you’ll be more likely to win Divination XP lamps to further assist your training, as well as a new addition to the Squeal of Fortune – fallen stars.

Replacing pendants and recharge gems, fallen stars are new items that can be consumed to grant you a chunk of bonus XP in a particular skill - earned as a percentage bonus to XP gain while training that skill. You might even be lucky enough to pick up a bright fallen star, which grants even more bonus XP!

You've got an increased chance to win the diviner's outfit, Divination fallen stars and Divination XP lamps from Friday 1st November 00:00 GMT until Monday 4th November 23:59 GMT. They'll still be on the Squeal of Fortune after that, but your chance of winning them will be much lower.

Everyone gets at least one spin per day, and can earn more through gameplay. Click here to find out how. If you'd like more, you can purchase spins here, by redeeming Bonds in-game, or by clicking 'Add Spins' in the Squeal of Fortune interface.

Please note: skill pendants are now removed from the Squeal of Fortune. If you already have one of these items you will need to click on it in your inventory to claim the bonus XP stored within it, converting it into a cosmetic version in the process. If you have a prismatic or prized prismatic pendant, you will first need to click on it to select the skill you wish to convert it to. Once this is done, it can be clicked again to claim the bonus XP, as described above.

Recharge gems are also removed, and can simply be clicked once and redeemed for bonus XP in a skill of your choice. They do not yield a cosmetic item when consumed.

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