Up to Snow Good - Christmas 2013

Up to Snow Good - Christmas 2013

Santa had it all planned out: a festive fair to warm the hearts of Gielinor's people after the devastation of the Battle of Lumbridge, complete with decorations, presents and plenty of old friends. What he didn't foresee was San'tar Klaws - a demonic, die-hard loyalist of Zamorak - crashing the party and putting him in a cage!

With Sant'ar causing chaos and Santa in no position to stop him, it's up to you to decide the fate of RuneScape's Christmas. Help Santa by maintaining the fair's full festive glory, or revel in destruction as you aid and abet the demon with his wicked plans.

 San'tar Klaws

Build up enough naughty or nice points and you'll unlock some very merry rewards: the traditional Christmas emote; a sparkly tinsel scarf; a festive jumper fresh off Granny's knitting needles; and an infernally cute San'tar spawnling pet who's really not feeling the holiday spirit.

Read on for full details, or get started right away!

All the Fun of the Fair

There's plenty of fun to be had at the fair, and two ways to do everything. Participating in each activity will earn you either nice points or naughty points, depending on how you behave.

For full details of the fair's activities, check the wiki.

Up to Snow Good
Reindeer Petting

There's a pen-full of Santa's reindeer on the south-east side of the crater, but San'tar Klaws's malign influence has left some of them...changed.

Right-click the reindeer to interact with them. You can convert them from friendly to evil - or vice versa - earning yourself nice or naughty points accordingly.

You can earn further points by stroking reindeer of your favoured temperament, or feeding them carrots from the buckets around the area.

Snowball Fights

In the south-west of the crater is the snowball arena, where Yuletide hi-jinks and a face-full of snow await all comers.

Enter via the stile and pick up enchanted snowballs if you want to play nice, or explosive snowballs if you're feeling naughty. Then click on other players to pelt them with your projectile of choice. The snowballs fly fairly slowly and can be avoided, but every hit you score will earn you a nice or naughty point.

The Wizards' Banquet

Nothing gets a wizard excited like a belt-busting banquet, and Gielinor's masters of magic are eagerly awaiting their dinner in the north-west of the crater.

Head over and speak to them to find out their orders, then head south to the long table to pick up the food. Then choose to serve them their requested feast, or trick them into trying a less palatable alternative. The more nice or nasty food you serve up in succession, the more points you'll get.

Note: you won't get naughty or nice points for serving something that doesn't at least resemble what was asked for.

Decorating/Defiling the Tree

Skilling or fighting in the world outside the event area gives you a chance to pick up baubles, which can be used on the fair's Christmas tree. Festoon it with festive glee for nice points, or make a proper pig's ear of it for naughty points.


Build up 750 points of one type - either naughty or nice - and speak to San'tar Klaws to complete the event. You'll get this year's Christmas emote - plus any that you've missed from previous years - and an XP lamp to use on a skill of your choice: small for free players, and large for members.

The tree's got some tempting presents sitting beneath it, which you can claim when you've collected enough naughty or nice points.

Note that this can be any combination of the two, and it doesn't remove any points from your total.

First up - available to free players and members - is a tinsel scarf to bedeck your neck. RuneScape members have access to two more gifts: a magnificent festive jumper, and a curmudgeonly San'tar spawnling follower pet.

Festive Jumper
Other Things to Do

When you're not racking up the points, you might want to kick back by the bonfire at the centre of the fair. Add logs to it and it'll give you a longer-lasting health boost than a regular bonfire would. On top of that, you'll get a 1% boost to Firemaking XP gain for each Christmas-themed item you're wearing (up to 5%) while doing so.

You can also load up on Christmas grub at the food stall, and catch up with old friends from Christmas events past - some of them worse for wear than others!

Merry Christmas!

Enjoy this year's holiday event, however you choose to behave, and have a very merry Christmas!

The RuneScape Team

How to start Up to Snow Good:

Speak to San'tar Klaws in the Battle of Lumbridge crater.


None, although you have to be a member to claim the jumper, pet and larger XP lamp.

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In Other News
  • Following player feedback, we have now reverted the changes made earlier this month to the Summoning skill. Any players who still have uncharged pouches can now convert them into the relevant amount of experience and pouches.
  • Following on from this, spirit gems have undergone the following changes:
    • Players with charges left in their gem can now use up the charges for the correct amount of experience. As players will not receive pouches for this, their gem will convert into a new-style spirit gem.
    • Each charge in a new-style spirit gem now equates to a free charm when crafting pouches. There is a varying trigger chance for the gems: from 10% for a sapphire, to 60% for an onyx.
    • Spirit gems can now be equipped in the pocket slot.
  • Two festive costumes designed by our talented community - the Frostwalker outfit and Glad Tidings outfit are now available in Solomon's General Store!
  • Solomon's also stocking two Christmas-themed pets: the legendary Rory the Reindeer, and the companion Elvis Pressie. Visit Solomon's General Store now!
  • RuneScape Top Trumps cards are up for sale now - many of which were voted for by the community! You can also get a set using your in-game wealth if you buy them with RuneScape Bonds! See the Top Trumps page for full details.

Take a look at the patch notes for other updates released today.

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