World Mental Health Day: Well-Being Bundle - Extended!

World Mental Health Day: Well-Being Bundle - Extended!

World Mental Health Day may have already passed, but we've chosen to extend the availability of The Well-being Bundle!

The Bundle can be purchased from the Marketplace Bonds Tab until the October 31st for just 1 Bond, and will net you a boatload of useful buffs and boosts.

Here's the best part: 100% of the bundle's revenues will go directly to our partner charities: Blueprint For All, Rise Above the Disorder and CPSL Mind. You can learn all about them on the Jagex Charitable Giving Page, but rest assured, they're all fantastic causes.

After purchasing the bundle, you'll receive a Stone of Meditation with two charges. You might remember this item from Mental Health Awareness Week earlier this year - activating the Stone will give you a 4% XP buff, and surrounding players a 2% XP buff, for one hour. You can gain two charges each day just by logging in, and you can store up to five charges at one time.

From November 15th, 2021, the Stone of Meditation will be converted into 2,500 Oddments on log-in.

The bundle is also jam-packed with helpful items. Here's the full list:

  • 1 Stone of Meditation (with two charges)
  • 15 Pulse Cores
  • 15 Cinder Cores
  • 5 Medium Protean Packs
  • 10 Protean Powerups
  • 10 Combat Dummies
  • 3 Large Skill Dummy Crates
  • 1 Deathtouched Dart

Please note that Ironman accounts will be unable to purchase the Well-being Bundle.

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