Server Login Issues - Wednesday, March 10th Update

Hi everyone.

There has been good progress on bringing all the telemetry together needed to restore accounts, and we're moving towards the next phase of testing ahead of the restoration phase.

As part of this, we've identified players who were impacted by this incident but have since at some stage been able to log-in. While only a very small subset of those impacted by the Login Lockout are in this situation, these players may have data that's not correct or up to date.

We've sent a notification email to all players in this position, as we'll need to disable access to your account beginning tomorrow (March 11th). This is the simplest and best way for us to begin restoring your account, and we will email you directly with any key updates. So if you do receive an email, you will be part of the process of restoring everyone involved in the Login Lockout.

Thank you for your incredible patience whilst we work to resolve this issue.

The RuneScape Team

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