The War against Bots Continues

We recently introduced the next phase of our anti-bot technology Botwatch, and it's already showing its teeth in the battle against botting activity in RuneScape. Last night alone, we conducted a mass ban of no less than 20,000 gold farming accounts - all members - in addition to a huge number of free-to-play and trial accounts used for the same purpose.

This is a huge blow against gold farming, and you should see the difference in game right away. These new anti-bot systems arenít limited to gold farmers, however - users of 3rd party clients and botting software are also being aggressively targeted by the newly updated Botwatch.

Of course, this is just one victory in the ongoing war against botting. Our zero-tolerance policy stands, and we won't rest while botting and gold-farming spoils your game. It's an ever-evolving race, but with continued hard work and the support of the community, we'll stay well ahead of the game. We're already working on the next phase of anti-bot tech, which we're looking forward to rolling out over the coming months.

The RuneScape Team

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