City of Um: Necromancy Insights

City of Um: Necromancy Insights

"My guest arrives in the Underworld. Up the River of Souls...across the Lake of the City of Um." - Rasial, The First Necromancer

The City of Um. It was originally founded by Death, the first being to die on Gielinor and so his memories built the foundations of the city. Remnants of his touch can be seen and felt throughout every facet of the city.

As you progress through the story of Necromancy you will explore a beautiful, ethereal city that grows in population as you grow in power.


The City of Um was shaped by the memories of its inhabitants, manifesting environments from their time among the living.

As the dead continue their journey and leave the Well of Souls, these structures are lost - leading to fractured half-remembered buildings, bridges to nowhere and strange, empty places that once harboured structures of past residents.

As the first person to die on Gielinor, Death laid the foundations of Um - and his influence on the landscape can still be felt to this day.

The city is a liminal space like a crossroads for wayward souls to help find themselves on their journey to the afterlife. Like the river Noumenon where Death ferries the souls of the dead, it exists as part of Gielinor's Underworld.

It is not the end point of a soul's voyage but another potential stop along the journey. Souls that find themselves here can stay indefinitely, shaping the city with their memories and experiences.

Despite being dead the inhabitants are still lively, taking up not only residence but also jobs and hobbies while in Um.

They come from all walks of life and take on a variety of corporeal and incorporeal forms such as ghosts, phantoms, zombies and skeletons.

These personalities help shape and mould the City, What was once a devoted baker in a previous life might will their bakery into existence, an avid gardener their garden or even a whole pub!

If the memories are strong they will leave a mark on the city and its inhabitants.

What's Owl this then?

While most of the population of Um are spirits there are also creatures of various shapes and sizes (who also don't wish to move along just yet), Spectral rats can be found roaming the streets, Ghostly implings, rushing around just out of reach but the most prominent critter you will find are the Owls.

Since time immemorial owls have been seen as ill omens of death or change and here in the underworld of Gielinor it is no different. Death can't even recall if the owls were in Um before his arrival.

Where is everything?

Um is a varied assortment of areas and districts that are influenced and shaped by the residents.

Main Plaza

Connecting the Ritual Site and the City it functions as the central hub that other sections branch out from. It includes amenities like the Zom-Bank, which runs just like your regular bank but with some undead charm and the Lodestone for the City.

There is also access to local stores for your necromancy supplies and the Last Call Pub if you need to take the edge off.

The Docks

Um is very much a city on the water so the primary method of reaching it is being ferried there by Death, So it comes as no surprise there are multiple docks bringing you to and from the city!

Traders make their way to the docks to peddle their wares, repair their boats or maybe just offer passage to other parts of the underworld.

Upper District

Venturing deeper into the city you find the Upper District, it's a little further away from the main plaza and this lends itself to more aloof citizens who prefer their peace.

Here you will find things like the Blacksmith who will help you out with upgrading gear and more specialized professions like a psychiatrist!

Ritual Site

Your first stop in the city and where you will get to grips with your newfound abilities and skills. The ritual site will be incredibly important in your journey through the story of Necromancy.

Well of Souls

Where the residents of Um preside, the Well is a conduit for all the souls of Um and thanks to Rasial's interference it has been drained and the souls enthralled.

Location Location Location.

While the main portion of the City is split into its districts there are plenty of locations just off the beaten path around Um. Here are just a few of the places you will be able to visit!

The elephant in the sky.

Looming over Um is Rasial's seat of power. His Citadel.

From here he orchestrates his terrible plans, to end life as we know it. The Citadel is an ever-present reminder of what you must face.

Like the city itself, the citadel is formed and shaped by the memories of its inhabitants and Rasial has twisted it to be a font of dangerous necromantic energies.

What lies beyond the imposing green barrier will be for you to discover as you grow your Necromantic power!


Familiarize yourself with the city as you breathe new life into it, befriend its growing cast of inhabitants and leave your mark on the City of Um when Necromancy launched on August 7th!

- The RuneScape Team

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