RuneScape, Old School RuneScape and Jagex donate £204,000 ($250,000) together!

We're absolutely thrilled and humbled to announce that RuneScape and Old School’s incredible players and Jagex have together raised a spectacular £204,000 for our three mental health partner charities - The Prince's Trust, CPSL Mind, and Rise Above the Disorder.

That sounds like the very definition of #PlayApartTogether to us!

Here's a breakdown of exactly how you have helped to achieve this amount:

Community Event Date Money raised/donated
RuneScape – Mental Health Event May 18th to May 24th £104,000 RAISED
RuneScape – The Drop April 27th to May 3rd £34,500 DONATED
Old School Charity 1v1 Tournament April 19th £6,000 DONATED
Old School Charity DMM May 30th £25,000 DONATED
Old School Level Up for Charity April 29th £34,500 DONATED
TOTAL £204,000

That means that on top of the £100,000 donation from Jagex, you have raised an additional £104,000.

All of which adds up to £204,000 ($250,000) from our incredible RuneScape and Old School communities.

This means that we have paid £68,000 to each of our charity partners, thanks to you!

Their work is more important than ever right now, and all three desperately need all the support they can get during these testing times to help people in isolation and champion better mental health.

We cannot thank you enough for your tremendous support and everything you've done to help The Prince's Trust, CPSL Mind, and Rise Above the Disorder.

If you yourself are seeking reassurance and mental health advice at this time, please do head over to Jagex's advice page where there are several links to resources that could help.

In addition to our mental health charity partners, we have also donated £60,000 to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, a UK charity committed to social inclusion, community cohesion and the alleviation of poverty, in support of Black Lives Matter. What's more, Jagex is also matching employee charitable donations to organisations committed to advancing the opportunities for ethnic minorities, and those involved in fighting racial prejudice.

Once again, thanks ever so much to each and every one of you - stay safe, be kind, and look out for each other. We're still in this together.

See you in Gielinor.

The Jagex Team

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