Necromancy Combat Refinements - Update

 Necromancy Combat Refinements - Update

Good Afternoon Scapers’

This Monday, we launched some changes to Necromancy conjures. Our overarching goal was reducing the disparity between Necromancy and the other Combat styles ahead of the upcoming Combat Beta on the 30th.

Initial feedback has been on track for this goal, but these changes have also introduced some extra friction - most notably around commanding the Ghost and how long each conjure lasts now that Conjure Undead Army exists.

To address these situations we are currently working on the following refinements aimed to launch next week:

  • 'Conjure Putrid Zombie' ability
    • Passive rate: 3s -> 1.8s (-1.2s)
      • With the combined changes to the ‘Command vengeful ghost’ damage increase and the zombie's passive damage changes we had taken away more damage than intended from the Putrid Zombie’s passive poison values, so we've updated its passive rate to 1.8s again down from 3s to restore some of that power.
  • 'Conjure Vengeful Ghost' ability
    • Base duration: 30s -> 42s (+12s)
      • This brings all conjured spirits to the same base duration allowing better fluidity with the 'Conjure Undead Army' ability
    • Heal value: 125% -> 140% (+15%)
      • Sustain is one of Necromancy's strengths but this reduction had a larger impact when factoring in surrounding changes so we have bumped up the healing to smooth this out.
  • 'Command Vengeful Ghost' ability
    • Duration: 30s -> 0s
      • With the recent changes we created some friction when using this ability so with this in mind, we're happy to remove the 30s duration that was added to the Command Vengeful Ghost ability, returning it to a single-action which lasts for the full duration of the spirit.
  • 'Life Transfer' Incantation
    • Fixed an issue where it wouldn't function as expected when used immediately after conjuring a spirit

These updates should address some of the more clunky situations players have found themselves in and return some of the power to the Ghost and Zombie conjures. We are dedicated to refining Necromancy and will continue to monitor and adjust its abilities.

While the Beta's main focus is to get changes to the three other styles into players’ hands to try out, it is a Combat Beta and Necromancy is a Combat skill. You can expect us to also be monitoring feedback and discussions during that time.

Combat Discussion Stream

Our next step ahead of the Beta is to have a discussion stream this Friday (27th) at 16:00 BST with Mods Hooli, Ryan and Sponge to chat about the goals and some of the ideas for the Beta to give you more insights into where we’re looking to go. We hope to see you there!

- The RuneScape Team

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