Solomon's General Store - September's Update

We’re storming our way into September with brand new weekly deals on Solomon’s and bringing you a new complimentary item for RuneScape members – the Deep Sea Fishing animation!

Head to Solomon's General Store for our first batch of weekly deals in September. We have 25 items going on sale throughout the month, saving you up to 75% off on selected items! There are plenty of discounts and first-time sale items for you to choose from, so make sure you check in often to bag yourself a bargain.

Sales will update every Friday at 13:00 UTC, with selected items from the list below included each week. Check back regularly to see which of these bargains are up for grabs!

Scheduled Sale Items Preview - September

RuneCoin Sales
ItemCategoriesTotal DiscountSale Price
Sale Price
Ornate OdangoHairstyle60%71 RC64 RC
Dragon WolfPet60%433 RC390 RC
Spiteful SparkCombat Gear50%88 RC80 RC
Windswept QuiffHairstyle60%71 RC64 RC
Powerful DivinationAnimation50%110 RC90 RC
Paradox WingsAccessories40%132 RC118 RC
Demonflesh BookCombat Gear60%52 RC45 RC
Inari TailAccessories40%66 RC60 RC
Silver Bladed WingsAccessories25%165 RC148 RC
Rock SmashEmotes50%46 RC41 RC
Arian PackPack50%400 RC360 RC
Morytanian Music BoxEquipment50%60 RC54 RC
Western CaptainOutfit60%96 RC86 RC
Flaming SkullAccessories60%90 RC81 RC
Dwarven Warsuit PackPack50%900 RC810 RC
Zarosian TeleportAnimation60%160 RC144 RC
Loyalty Point Sales
ItemCategoriesTotal DiscountSale Price
Party PackEquipment40%5,760 LP
Dwarven Challenge BarrelEquipment50%10,000 LP
BigWigTitle75%6,250 LP
Legendary GreenfingersAura40%71,400 LP
Supreme CorruptionAura40%38,100 LP
The AdorableTitle25%4,320 LP
Serene GazeEffects50%9,000 LP
CrusaderTitle60%3,200 LP
Blazing GazeEffects60%7,200 LP

Free Item For Members

And for all of you members out there, make sure you pick up your complimentary item for this month: The Deep Sea Fishing Animation.

Your free item will be available from Thursday 1st September until Friday 30th September, so be sure to claim it before it returns to its usual price.


The next list of discounts will be available on Friday 30th September. Be sure to check back to find out more about August's free item and the next list of items that will be reduced!

Have fun and leave your thoughts on this month's sales over on the forums.

The RuneScape Team

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