Necromancy: Community Feedback Update - #1

Necromancy: Community Feedback Update - #1

Hi 'Scapers,

We are delighted to see so many of you getting to ghostly grips with Necromancy - this week has been an amazing experience, and we want to thank every single one of you who have taken their first steps into the City of Um and the world of Necromancy.

The Necromancy team are still hard at work, collaborating closely with the Community team to ensure we're hearing your feedback and making tweaks and fixing any issues that arise.

What's the Necrotic News?

This blog will be used to inform you about issues that the Necromancy development team are actively investigating, working on, or has addressed based on Community feedback. You can expect these blogs to be issued for the next few weeks to keep you updated on the issues we're tracking, what we're working on and what's been resolved.

Issues from the Immaterial

If you're looking to report a bug or issue, please check this list, each week, to see if we're already tracking your issue in the list below. On desktop browsers, you can search with Ctrl+F, and most mobile browsers have a "Find in Page" option in the additional options in the top browser bar.

If you're not seeing the issue listed below, please log a bug report in-game by pressing Escape, and clicking "Report Issue" in the bottom left corner of the options window, then click "Report a Bug", the right-hand button. The community team are also monitoring our social spaces across Discord, Reddit, Twitter and Meta platforms.

Catacombs and Categories

What are the issues we're looking at? We'll be categorising these issues into four brackets. These are:


Players have raised this feedback or reported this issue occurring, and the development team are currently investigating. If it is an issue, the team will investigate how, or if, this can be resolved.


Not every issue can be resolved via hotfix (applied without a server restart) so some of these issues will need to be applied during weekly updates on Mondays.


Success! The issue has been resolved in the live game at the time of this article's publication.


Some issues raised will not require fixes, or cannot be verified or replicated by the development team. Additional context will be provided about these particular issues where possible.


  • We'll be reverting last week's changes to how Overload Potions affected combat abilities while we continue to investigate combat abilities.
  • We're continuing to monitor the adrenaline cost and use of abilities.
  • We're aware of concerns regarding necromancy potion ingredients and are looking into possible changes.
  • We've heard your feedback around the random events during rituals, and we're investigating ways to make them more intuitive and clearer to see during the process. This may take the form of audio cues, chat messages, visual cues or a combination.
  • We're looking into updating one of the Nihil's to be for Necromancy.
  • To clear up confusion around the level requirements for each stage of the 'That Old Black Magic' quest, we're looking at possible ways to make each instrument a sub-quest.
  • Some pets are still visible on the Ritual site.
  • We're looking into making sitting on benches rest the player, restoring run energy. Rest in peace. Or, rather, rest on bench.
  • We're discussing options to open up the Rasial boss encounter to duo, and trio in the future as we've seen interest in this.
  • We're looking into a better way to display 'Necrosis' on the player.
  • We're looking into giving you better control over whether you want your 'Command' abilities to be triggered when using revolution.
  • We're looking into various niche issues that can occur with the 'Death Mark' incantation.
  • We're aware that spirits can sometimes get trapped behind certain areas and scenarios. They suddenly lose their brains!
  • We're looking into possible Spectral Scythe issues due to attack range.
  • We're aware of potential confusion with how the 'Blood Siphon' ability functions and discussing solutions.
  • We're looking into random ritual events requiring multiple clicks to register.
  • When talking to Malignius Mortifer for the 'Vessel of the Harbinger' quest, we're looking at clarifying the requirements for the quest which are: 46 Necromancy, 40 Prayer and the 'Ghosts Ahoy' quest.
  • We're discussing the possibility of adding Super Necromancy potions to the Mazcab shop - This may potentially occur once the embargo has ended.
  • 'Are these meant to be Squishy?' will be renamed to 'Tis Merely a Flesh Rune'.
  • Changing the output on the ritual interface to show the output as affected by any multiply glyphs. Quick maths.
  • Adding messaging to make it clear that failing the puzzle door will not grant you the United Barrows necroplasm on the T70 upgrade task.
  • Adding messaging to say how many focus objects are left in the focus storage, after they're taken from it.
  • We're considering adding a warning when attempting to start a ritual with a depleted alteration glyph.
  • We're looking into the responsiveness of pressing abilities while using revolution.
  • We're investigating the issue where on rare occasions the alteration glyphs do not correctly affect the rituals - re-logging should fix this issue in the meantime.
  • We're looking into the issue where core glyphs are sometimes not counted for the ritual - re-logging should fix this issue in the meantime.
  • We're looking into improving the forcewalk / pathfinding for random events at the ritual site.
  • Hemlock has a broken animation when teleporting to Winkin's Farm
  • We're addressing the 'Besided' typo in 'The Spirit of War'.
  • Ritual chest can be accessed without a bank pin.


  • Rasial's equipment will now be correctly augmented when using augmentors.
  • The spacebar will now consistently work to select a ritual in the ritual selection interface.
  • A popup will now appear after levelling to level 30 Necromancy, explaining alteration glyphs.
  • A popup will now appear after levelling to level 60 Necromancy, explaining larger ritual sites.
  • When hovering over the input items in the ritual selection interface, a tooltip will now display the amount you have in your focus storage, and in your backpack.
  • If you have none of the same focus object left, the highest tier focus object will now be placed on the pedestal after finishing a ritual, rather than the lowest.
  • A new Necromancy gameplay settings option has been added, which will allow ritual output to be sent to the focus storage, rather than the ritual chest.
  • Equipment upgrade boss drops are now being correctly rewarded to party members who do Necromancy damage to the required bosses.
  • Glyphs are no longer changing to uncovered state after tutorial dialog to clean them, allowing the player to dust mounds and progress, Additionally previously effected mounds are reset after tutorial dialog to dusty state.
  • A message is now output in the chatbox when a focus object is used from the focus storage.
  • A message is now output in the chatbox when a focus object is removed from the pedestal.
  • A message is now output in the chatbox when a ritual is completed, detailing the rewards.
  • A message will now appear in the player's chatbox when a ritual disturbance spawns.
  • The Soul Forge will now default to showing the most appropriate list of upgrades available to you.
  • The 'Living Death' ability now works with 'Dive' and 'Bladed Dive'.
  • The Necromancer's tome of experience is no longer bankable.
  • Lamps awarded for completing the Easy and Medium Task Sets for The City of Um can now be used to grant Necromancy XP.
  • Equipped shields and the bone shield incantation will now correctly identify your shield level, allowing the full duration of abilities such as barricade to function as expected.
  • The Listless Dead NPC moved to be more accessible by the players, allowing players to complete the 'Draugr Me to Hela' achievement.
  • Blueberry Pies can now be cooked on any range.
  • The soul urn for the T90 tank task will now consistently fill up on the last kill of the reaper task.
  • Items for equipment upgrade tasks now have a lootbeam cost of 1 million and one, to make them more visible.
  • The 'Fishy Dishes' achievement should now once again be able to be completed.
  • 'My Zombie Can Beat Up Your Zombie' achievement from the City of Um Medium Task Set has now been changed to 'My Undead Can Beat Up Your Undead' and the requirements for completing it have been updated.
  • 'My Skeleton Can Beat Up Your Skeleton' and 'My Undead Can Beat Up Your Undead' City of Um Area Task achievements are now easier to complete for high level players.
  • Ensouling Kili's Tools as part of the "Kili's Row" Quest sends them to your ritual chest. If you speak to Kili before collecting their tools, you will now be directed to collect them.
  • The scarecrow spot in 'Once Upon a time in Gielinor' quest has been moved for better player access.
  • Morvran's Black Crystal no longer damages the player when they heal, instead reducing healing effectiveness by 25%.
  • Players using legacy combat mode who logged in after Necromancy released did not have Legacy Mode Hitsplats shown.
  • Using Netty's death certificate and will on a Ghost banker tells the player they have banked it and quest journal mentions this as well.
  • Duplicate skillguide entries for the regular and greater ritual candles have been combined into one.
  • You can no longer teleport whilst sitting on a bench. You can no longer wear a bedsheet whilst sitting on a bench. Sorry, bedsheet enthusiasts.
  • Placing a 'Conjure' ability at the start of your revolution bar will no longer prevent other abilities on your bar from being triggered.
  • Attacking Rock Slugs with a conjure summoned will no longer instantly despawn your conjure.
  • When cooking Ghost Sole, it now correctly cycles through all Ghost Sole in the players inventory.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented some players having a chance at getting 'Necromancer's Flippers' if they clicked out of dialogue with Kili.
  • The broadcast regarding the maximum virtual level now includes Necromancy.
  • Duplicate skillguide entries for the regular and greater ritual candles have been combined into one.
  • Telos' Fragment of Anima will now drop at the player's feet. There is now messaging when the fragment of anima is dropped.
  • The Bonecrusher will now crush all selected bone types.
  • Omen, the Necromancy Pet is now recognised for Jack of All Blades and Master of All titles to be completed.
  • Resolved an issue affecting the Tutorial Dust Mounds. Affected players can now clear the mounds and continue rituals.
  • Necromancer's Tomes of Experience are now placed directly into the player inventory, or on the floor if the inventory is full.
  • Fixed an issue where players in very rare cases had ritual components revert to mounds of dust, blocking ritual progress. Affected players can now simply redraw/replace the affected component spot.
  • Bad-luck protection has been added to Hermod's drop required for the 'That Old Black Magic' quest, and will be guaranteed after a number of kills.
  • Rasial's Ghost Wall will now correctly deal damage.
  • The 'Hardened Kal-Zuk' cape is no longer lost on death.
  • Rasial is now poison immune.
  • Players with maximum GWD2 reputation can now get the Necromantic seal for the T90 Gear Upgrade task.
  • Portable Skilling Stations, Challenge Gems and Lit Fires cannot be placed on the Ritual Site.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented hit effects applying to TzKal-Zuk's Hard Mode.
  • The Multiply I Glyph no longer functions when depleted, until it is repaired.
  • Ritual disturbances are now capped based on the tier of ritual, regardless of soul attraction.
  • Soul attraction will still affect the spawn chance of ritual disturbances on lower-tiered rituals.
  • For clarity, Soul storm and Corrupted glyphs can now only spawn on T2 rituals, and Defile can now only spawn on T3 rituals.
  • The opening Necromancy cinematic can now be skipped when retrying the portal after your first attempt.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented affected players from being able to complete the 'Tomes of the Warlock' quest as they could not hand in all 4 books.
  • Fixed a bug where, if return is pressed when making Praesul Codex selections, your Praesul Codex could disappear.


  • The Curse "Soul Split" does not heal the user when Conjures attack the target - dealing Necrotic damage yourself will heal with Soul Split as intended, but conjures will not.
  • Anima Stones do not work with Runecrafting Necrotic Runes - this is intended, as both catalytic and elemental anima only affect their respective Rune types.
  • Portable Wells were reportedly unable to craft Necromancy Potions - players are able to make the potions as intended with a portable well. We could not reproduce this bug.

Please remember:

  • This is not an exhaustive list of everything the development team are currently working on. If an issue has been listed above, that does not necessarily mean it has been ignored.
  • If an issue is added to ⏳ AWAITING PATCH ⏳ this does not mean it will be addressed in the next patch but will be included in an upcoming patch. Please continue to check the weekly patch notes section in the This Week in RuneScape articles for details.

Bug fixes aren't the only thing we'll be working on during the season of Necromancy! Larger updates are on the way, and you can read more about them from our Journey Begins update linked here.

We hope you continue to enjoy Necromancy!

- The RuneScape Team

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