15th Anniversary Film – Help Needed

RuneScape is 15 years old in January, and big plans are afoot to make it an anniversary to remember.

We're putting together a documentary film to mark the occasion, covering RuneScape's history from its humble origins to the MMO we know and love today. Featuring famous players and JMods past and present, this is going to be something really quite special.

RuneScape is nothing without its community, though, and that's why we need your help. We need you to send us the very best RuneScape content as you can muster: be it video clips, screenshots, or written details of your funniest, most exciting, most heartwarming RuneScape-related experiences.

For your shot at featuring in this landmark film, send us details of where your content can be found.

You can get content to us in the following ways:

  • Upload videos to YouTube. Set them as unlisted if you don't want to make them public. Then, send us the URL.
  • Upload screenshots to Imgur. Then, send us the URL.
  • Any content you want to send to us can be uploaded to Dropbox. Then, just send us the share link.
  • Text-based accounts of your RuneScape experiences can simply be emailed to us.

Please note that we can't accept videos or screenshots attached to emails.

Send your submissions to, starting the subject line with [doc]. We're most in need of content from 2001-2008 – the older, the better. Anything goes, though – if you've got something more recent that you think is a great fit, please do send it through.

Huge thanks for your help. Look out for news on the film's progress over the coming months, and further details at RuneFest!

The RuneScape Team