2 new RuneScape rules

We have added two new rules to the RuneScape Rules of Conduct today. They are:

Rule 13 Asking for personal details

For our players' privacy and safety, you must not ask for personal contact details such as full name, home address or telephone number from another player.

Our player's privacy and safety are extremely important to us and something we take very seriously. Of course we are not going to ban players if you ask, for example someone's first name and the country they live in. We fully understand this happens quite a lot in RuneScape and is part of making friends in the game.

This rule instead refers to not asking players for details sufficient to locate them in real-life. Understandably some people can be upset or feel threatened by this sort of questioning, so please don't do it.

We would also recommend to all of our players to that you read the Play Safely guide in the Rules and Security section of the website.

Rule 14 Misuse of Official forums

You must not misuse our Official RuneScape Forums. The forum code of conduct (linked at the top of the forums) clearly details what is, and is not, acceptable.

This particular rule is not actually totally new. We have always taken action against players who misuse our forums and clearly breach the forums code of conduct. By making it an official rule it should make it clearer for our players that being disruptive on the forums will mean that temporary action can be taken against your account and in extreme cases you could be banned from using the forums.