This weeks update isn't a quest, it's a huge new area full of equipment!

As the swamp waters of south-east Morytania recede further, adventurers can now visit the burial mounds of great heroes, and brave warriors may even wish to dig for what treasures they can find. But beware, sinister forces lurk beneath the surface, and ancient evils never like to be disturbed.

Do you dare to enter the Barrows?

This update features the biggest combat additions since the RS2 launch, with new ranger, melee and prayer equipment to help you vanquish your enemies. Each of the barrow warriors has "sets" of armour, where individual pieces of each set work better when used in tandem with the rest, so be prepared to see new items and tactics the next time you brave the Wilderness. The barrows themselves feature new challenges and monsters hidden within the earthen mounds, so be prepared for a hard fight. All of the barrows equipment requires a minimum of level 70 to equip, and can be considered as rare. See the new Equipment sets page in the combat section of our manual for more information.

Other Changes

The crystal bow has been given an adrenaline boost due to customer feedback and from extensive testing in relation to the new barrows equipment. It is now slightly faster than a standard longbow.

All spears in the game have also increased in speed. They now have the same attack rate as maces and longswords.