Behind the Scenes - February

This month will start with a fanfare. February plays host to Audio Week - a collection of nips, tucks, changes and improvements that will jazz up your listening experience and make the music system easier to use. You can expect to hear songs all the way to the end, without them constantly changing as you move from area to area. Ardent adventurers who unlock 500 songs can expect an air guitar emote. Gnarly!

There's no room for this kind of tomfoolery in the graphical improvement for this month. The Edgeville Dungeon residents have been pretty grumpy ever since overground Edgeville got a rework - Postie Pete even got an irate letter from Vannaka. So - and not because we are scared of Vannaka, honestly - February brings a new look to Edgeville Dungeon which will make it seem suitably dank and dangerous.

After failing once in the Regicide quest, the Tyras Camp Catapult Guard has managed to fail again, this time by allowing damp into General Hining's catapult. Needless to say some unwitting/bold adventurer will be needed to repair the catapult and bring some much-needed security to the camp. Your Construction skills will have to be sharp and your puzzle-solving even sharper in this Catapult Construction quest, where you will be able to make amends for the carnage you caused in Regicide - with the added bonus of a Castle Wars-based reward, of course!

February means that Spring is approaching, so the rabbits of RuneScape are getting feisty. They've got a taste for ogleroot, a gnomish vegetable that is grown in only one known area, and they are doing everything in their floppy-eared power to get hold of it. This frenetic and strategic minigame will require you to dig up seeds and ogleroots before the evil bunnies get a whiff of them, using your powers of deduction and speed-shovelling. Not only will you be able to enjoy a fantastic new type of gaming, you will be able to access some great Farming rewards. Hard-to-find seeds and Farming XP rewards will be available for those swift with the spade and quick off the mark.

To continue the fun Farming frolics in February, we will have a fab new Farming amulet for you to fiddle with. The amulet of Farming will be available from most Farming stores and offers some abilities of the amulet of nature. Owners of the amulet of nature will also find that it gets a fresh infusion of magic this month, offering teleports to diseased patches and allowing you to remotely pay farmers to protect your patch. Oh, and it'll talk!

Add a sprinkle of Player's Gallery, a clove of Development Diary and a tablespoon of Postbag from the Hedge and you have a February that is looking pretty tasty!