BTS Video – RuneLabs June

It's a packed RuneLabs video today as Mod Luna gets the latest on waterfall fishing, the Seren quest and Halloween.

Don't forget to submit your ideas for high-level mobs over on RuneLabs – the more outlandish and imaginative the better – and to support your favourites.

Enjoy! You can keep up with all RuneScape's official video content by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Podcast – Here be Dragons

In this week's podcast, Mod Stu and Mod Matthe sit down to chat about the fearsome new RuneLabs-born monsters that recently landed in RuneScape – adamant and rune dragons.

They'll be focusing on your feedback, and how we'll be tweaking the dragons in the coming weeks in response.

Listen on YouTube now, or head over to PodBean or iTunes.

Q&A Recap

Didn't catch the Developer Q&A and Beach Party Teaser on Tuesday? Never fear – it's up on YouTube now for your enjoyment:

Have Fun!

There's plenty here to enjoy during your weekend Scaping. Check in on Monday for a big batch of updates to Artisans' Workshop!

The RuneScape Team