Catapult Construction

Following your disruptive behaviour in the Tyras Camp, things are not going well for the catapult guard. Already unpopular with his comrades after various security lapses, he's now neglected the catapult, allowing damp to seep in and rot the frame. General Hining is furious, the replacement catapult parts haven't arrived and the rookie catapult engineer has gone missing in hostile Isafdar.

It's a good thing, then, that a bold adventurer with your Construction knowledge is in the area; however, this will take much more effort than simply building furniture. You'll need to source some schematics, collect the finest materials and exert your mind as well as your hammer-hand...and that's just when building the catapult. You will also need to put it through some rigorous tests before the fearsome weapon can be deployed. After all, you'll want to be pretty sure of where your boulders are going to land!

As well as some Construction know-how, you will also learn to be more effective when using Castle Wars catapults. Needless to say, this Catapult Construction quest will help make amends for the carnage you caused during your last visit.


Where to start Catapult Construction

Speak to the Tyras Guard at the catapult, to the north of Tyras Camp.

Requirements to complete Catapult Construction

Regicide Quest
Level 44 Construction
Level 42 Fletching
Level 54 Smithing is recommended

Access to:

A Castle Wars reward and a new piece of clothing
A tricky shape puzzle!

In other news...

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