Coming Next Week: New Website!

Coming Next Week: New Website!

We’re proud to present advance details of our completely overhauled website, which will launch at next week’s update, with loads of new features and a community-editable wiki at its core!

As announced and shown in November’s Behind the Scenes, the website will have a distinctive new look, including a brand new RuneScape logo, a darkly cool colour palette and a thorough re-structuring of the front page, putting up-to-the-minute information to the fore.

One exciting addition is an all-new Events section, where our Community teams will be able to advertise events and direct you straight to them with ease, using integrated calendars, mark-able maps and a wealth of other fantastic features.

The news section, in particular, has been streamlined, with increased prominence on the page, and the integration of other news sections. Dev Blogs, for example, no longer hide behind the main news feed and can be seen right alongside other news articles.

The old manual has been transplanted into a new, wiki-based format and will form the core of the new website. With the exception of a few key pages maintained solely by Jagex staff, these pages can be edited, and visual assets can be uploaded, by RuneScape account holders who meet certain baseline requirements. In you, we have an amazing community, from those with a decade of RuneScape experience and knowledge to fresh new faces, and with this change we’re empowering all of you to pool that RuneScape nous for the community to use.

We’ve made these changes, and a whole range of others, to make the new website a slick, convenient resource for the whole RuneScape community, but you’ll have to wait until next week to see the finished result!

The RuneScape Team

In Other News...

- Along with the release of the new website, we will be making hi-scores a members-only feature.

This is for a number of reasons, but the main one is to keep them fresh. We want the hiscores to feature players who will compete with each other, tooth and nail, for hiscore glory. There are many dormant accounts within the hiscores that have not played for a very long time, and this will give new arrivals in Gielinor a shot at hiscore fame alongside the grizzled veterans on equal terms for all.

We want the hiscores to reflect the full range of content that RuneScape has to offer, and hope that they will be a big draw to the full, members’ game for those interested in high-level RuneScape competition on a level playing field.

- We’re pushing back the Wilderness graphics update mentioned in Behind The Scenes, so it’ll no longer be out in November. We’re sorry about this, but it‘s necessary in order to schedule in some of our upcoming anti-bot measures.