Forum Updates

We're about to restart the forums, so you won't be able to access any forum pages for a few minutes while the system reboots.

A number of bugs and issues highlighted have been fixed. These include:

  • The back links on the message page now takes you back to the appropriate page, rather than the first page of the forum
  • Capitalisation problems with chat filter fixed
  • A number of improvements have been made to the chat filter to reduce unnecessary censorship
  • Posting to a thread that has just been deleted now gives a clearer error message
  • Added page indicators which tell you how many pages long a message thread is

Thanks for all the feedback and suggestions made so far concerning the forums. We do value your help with this beta, and are reading your comments. Expect quite a few updates to the forums over the next few weeks, and don't worry, this is not impacting the release date of RS2. The forums, and the whole website are developed by a different team to that working on RS2. In fact this beta is helping by testing some of the new architecture and code libraries used in RS2.

The Jagex Web Team.