Karamja Dungeon

Karamja Dungeon

We have added a new dungeon under Karamja. It is packed with heaps of new combat training areas, including moss giants, fire giants, greater demons, black demons and red dragons, as well as a number of new enemies to pit yourself against.

To venture deeper into the dungeon there are some small woodcutting and agility level requirements. Head west from Brimhaven and speak to Saniboch. He will charge you 875 coins to gain entrance to the dungeon.

Castle Wars changes

People have been reporting that when a high level player manages to get his own team's flag, they can then sit next to their bandage table and heal constantly while being defended by their own team, thus making them impossible to kill.

We have therefore made it so that if you are holding your own team's flag while you are in the boundary of your own castle, it immediately returns to its start point.

People have also reported players taking flags and then deliberately not scoring with them, often calling themselves "spies" for the other team.

To prevent this, we have made a new right click option on players while they are in castle wars called "steal flag". If someone has captured the enemies' flag for more than three minutes, their team mates can use this option to take the flag from that player and score with it themselves.