New Seattle worlds online

I've just put another 6 new worlds online! This time located in Seattle. This should give lots more space for you to use.

We've had a bit of a run of bad luck over the past couple of days with our servers, and I apologise for these temporary problems (now fixed at least) with our Dallas servers, and the outage of our AboveNet servers, which was caused by a powercut.

Obviously making sure there are plenty of worlds for you to use is a top priority. The occasional glitch is unavoidable, so instead our strategy is to have enough worlds that there is plenty of redundancy. That way even if some need fixing it doesn't matter so much, as there is still lots you can use elsewhere.

Hopefully these new Seattle worlds will help ensure there is sufficient redundancy. Also you'll be pleased to hear that there are another 11 world servers currently on order to help ensure this remains the case.