Pawya and Grenwall Hunter Creatures

The pine forests of Isafdar provide a fresh hunting ground for intrepid box-trappers. Two recently-discovered beasts have survived by avoiding the traps, pits and dire wolves of Isafdar, so will prove pretty elusive, even for experienced and knowledgeable hunters.

Pawyas are timid creatures that scour the forest in search of fruit to eat, hiding underground at the slightest noise. It is rumoured that they are particularly fond of papaya - something of a rare commodity in their native environment.

Grenwalls, on the other hand, are carnivores with limitless appetites and a prickly attitude. They will compete with you by hunting and devouring any pawya unfortunate enough to cross their path. In order to outwit these tricky critters, experienced hunters will need to hone their skills by using a suitable bait to trap them...

Those who do succeed in trapping a grenwall will have access to a hefty slice of XP, as well as the spines that cover the creature's body. Their tough, rigid nature makes them ideal for use as arrow shafts. In particular, the proprietors of the Yanille and Nardah Hunter stores are extremely keen to get their mitts on these items, so there may be some profit in it for you.


Where to find the pawya and grenwall:

Various locations in Isafdar.


Pawya: Level 66 Hunter, papaya as bait
Grenwall: Level 77 Hunter, raw pawya meat as bait

Access to:

Two new high-level Hunter creatures
Large amounts of Hunter XP for each catch

In other news...

We've added a new fruit tree patch in Lletya. This is particularly useful for those who wish to grow papaya as pawya bait.