RuneScape Q&A – Mark Gerhard

We’ve read through all of the questions and sent them on to the relevant teams here at Jagex. Now it’s time for the first batch of answers from Jagex’s CEO, Mark Gerhard.

The questions answered in this batch deal with matters about RuneScape and Jagex as a whole. We’ve posted the questions and answers on the forums (which can be read by following this link), so you can discuss the answers. We’ve also posted a copy in the Developers’ Blog.

As mentioned before, we will also be holding a live Q&A session with Mark Gerhard (Mod MMG) on this forum thread tonight, from 8-10pm (GMT).

Remember that this is just the first batch of answers, and that other questions will be covered in different teams’ Q&A sessions.

Mod Kelvin
Head of Community Management