A Look Ahead - A Message from Mod Keeper

A Look Ahead - A Message from Mod Keeper

Hey ‘Scapers,

Giving you insight into the future of RuneScape is critical, and now that we're into the second month of 2024, I wanted to share a brief update about our plans.

Our focus will continue to be on monthly releases, giving a wide variety of meaningful updates, supported by improvements guided by your feedback.

For the first half of the year, our focus is on delivering some hotly requested updates.

Here’s a brief rundown of what’s to come:

  • In February, we’ll be releasing a collection of Necromancy content and improvements, including a new Owlery Quest in the City of Um, four new pieces of Moonstone jewellery to craft, and some VFX/Art polishing for gear.
  • In March, we're aiming to launch our big Combat Update. This will be the culmination of many months of player feedback and development, and if it's in the right spot, we're excited to finally bring it to the live game.
  • Also in March, we’ll have a brand new Easter Event. We learned a lot from the vibes of Christmas Village in December, so this year, our Easter Event will be better than ever. We'll have a new theme, bespoke Event Hub, a seasonal quest, solo and group activities, new and returning Easter rewards and a host of Easter-y characters to interact with.

Last year, we made a concerted effort to deepen the ways we work with our community. We increased communication from our team, introduced player-led QoL updates with Community Hitlists, reintroduced Beta Worlds with three separate testing updates and hosted a mid-development player playtest on Necromancy. I'm looking forward to your involvement in what we're cooking up this year.

On that note, I want to say a big thank you for filling in the recent survey which will help us continue to improve the way we approach RuneScape. We are busy digesting everything you told us and working on some exciting new pitches for you – maybe even some cool stuff we can demo at RuneFest.

We'll be back with more news on content still to come for RuneScape beyond what we've shared today in March.

See you in Gielinor!

- Mod Keeper

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