Archaeology Journal: A Sixth Site?!

Archaeology Journal: A Sixth Site?!

BREAKING NEWS! Now that Tony has, ah, departed, the Gielinor Gazette has been given unfettered access to his mailbox… and that’s where we found this letter, which seems to imply that a sixth dig site has been discovered just south of Falador!

Duneday, Bennath 13th

Dear Guildmaster,

I’ve been eagerly following your exploits in the Gielinor Gazette. I believe that you and your Archaeology Guild might be just the chaps to talk to about my latest discovery!

But I’m rather getting ahead of myself, ho ho! You see, I have dedicated my life to uncovering the lost city of an esoteric and little-known god. Information on them is patchy, at best, but after many years of struggle, I think I’ve finally found it.

I won’t spoil the details. I simply implore you to make haste to the farm south of Falador, where I will be waiting to share the wonders I have found.

Yours cruciferously,

Dr E. Cole


Well, that wasn’t quite the kind of dig site we were expecting. But if you had fun, do lettuce know! Hopefully Dr Cole isn’t too disappointed.

And remember, you have the rest of the day to retrieve any artichokes – sorry, artefacts - that might be left at the site.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

- The RuneScape Team