Around the Campfire Live Q&A – All Things Lore

Around the Campfire Live Q&A – All Things Lore

It’s time to gather round and talk lore with Mod Osborne (Loreface), Mod Raven (the Dark Heart of RuneScape), Mod Stu (Ga'al Hunt) and Mod John A (Story Finisher) in our next live campfire Q&A.

You are all invited to join in the chat this Thursday! Hungry for answers on all things lore? You won't be disappointed.

When? Thursday 17th April 2014 12pm BST
Where? On the official forums under the RuneScape Lore Discussion section.


  • You can post up your questions early over on the forums.
  • When the event is live, our eager JMods will be responding on the same questions thread.
  • Once the campfire is over, all answered questions will be gathered and put into a separate thread under the Lore Discussion section of the forums, so if you are unable to make it, fear not!


The RuneScape Community Team

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