Community Chronicle 1/5/2014

In this edition of the Community Chronicle, we’ll be looking at what the RuneScape Community has been up to over the last couple of weeks, and what is coming up. There are events, videos and a whole host more to enjoy!

Videos & Live Streams

To celebrate the release of the latest free-to-play quest, A Shadow over Ashdale, TheSirMikkel created a quest trailer:

HeavensNooblet (aka FatNooblet) posted a video of his loot from 1,000 Mithril Dragons as part of his RuneScape Loot Videos series:

Check out CompletionistCrash on as he tries to go from a new account to a trimmed completionist cape in as short a time as possible. Show your support and tune into his channel.

Finally, Dardan has posted up a video of him completing the requirements to reach the Decimus Elite tier in his clan. It involves killing some of the hardest bosses in RuneScape, with a few extra requirements and rules thrown in.

Social Stuff

If you love the RuneScape forums, then there’s a Twitter account you’ll surely want to follow. @Scaper_Forums is a brand new player-made fan account for the RuneScape forums! You can use it to get your thread noticed by a wider audience, or you can check out the top picks from the forums.

As ever, we’re on the lookout for your RuneScape-related creations and memes. Be sure to mention us in your Twitter post - we’re @RuneScape - or point us in the right direction on Instagram.

Fan Sites

The RSDreamTeam - one of our Swedish fan site communities - will be hosting an event in the TzHaar Fight Pits. Be sure to show off your skills as you battle your way to glory on the 3rd May at 6PM BST. To get involved, join the “Zairward” friends chat and head onto world 119. For full details, head over to their website - or check out their Twitter account.

The platinum-ranked fan site RuneHQ's Events Team have challenged the players to take a hard mode battle against the forces of Zamorak in the God Wars Dungeon. The battle will begin on Friday 2nd May at 12PM BST on world 67. Full details can be found on their forums.

Today, we also have Mod Luna (Communications Manager) broadcasting live for you from Jagex HQ on RuneZone’s RuneRadio – she’ll be playing her most loved tunes and taking your questions live, so it’s definitely worth checking in at 16:00 BST on RuneRadio.

If you want to get your questions in early, please post on this thread where the questions will be compiled and collected an hour before the live show.

RuneScape Road Trip

Don't forget - you can get your journal stamped by a JMod to complete RuneScape Road Trip tasks that you can't or don't feel like doing. Take a look at our stamping schedule on the forums!

We love to include player submissions in the Community Chronicle. If you have anything you’d like us to showcase, get in touch! You can e-mail us at

The RuneScape Community Team

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