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As directed in a recent Power to the Players poll, we've brought you a big batch of Dungeoneering updates. A high-level resource dungeon, new gear and pets, and additions to Sinkholes await you, plus loads of your most-requested tweaks and quality-of-life improvements.

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New Resource Dungeon

South-west of the Fremennik camp on Daemonheim Peninsula is a new resource dungeon. Accessible at level 90 Dungeoneering, the dungeon is swarming with Kal'gerion demons, and also contains gem rocks to be mined.

The demons can be given to you as a level 90+ Slayer assignment, although they can be killed without any Slayer level requirement. They can drop uncut onyx, among other rare items. They can also drop commendation scrolls, which - when used - grant diabolical titles related to the Kal'gerion bosses.

Note that you can only claim the title from one of these scrolls if you have defeated the corresponding boss.

The gem rocks are better than others of their kind, too: they give increased XP per gem mined, are more likely to yield valuable gems - including dragonstone.

New Gear

The chaotic spear can now be made by combining a Zamorakian spear with ten chaotic spikes. It requires 80 Attack , and is a great choice if you're looking to take down the Corporeal Beast.

There are now ranged and melee counterparts to the arcane necklaces - farsight and brawler's necklaces, respectively.

Note that the highest tier (level 80) of arcane, farsight and brawler's necklaces are now created by purchasing a chaotic remnant from the rewards trader, and combining it with a Saradomin's Hiss, Saradomin's Murmer or Saradomin's Whisper necklace.

The level 30 and 50 necklaces are still bought from the rewards trader, as before.

The trader's also stocking three new skill scrolls, each imparting permanent passive perks:

  • Scroll of Daemonheim: gives you a 50% chance to earn 5% extra XP in Dungeoneering while skilling in a Daemonheim dungeon.
  • Scroll of proficiency: gives you a chance to retain planks while using the Construction skill.
  • Scroll of dexterity: allows you to retain components while making armour with the Crafting skill.

The new gold accumulator, which automatically collects dropped coins. Note that this item is destroyed once the amount collected exceeds 1 million coins, and will increase in price when you buy replacements, up to 60,000 tokens at the third purchase.

Many existing rewards have received an upgrade, too:

  • Fans of the hexhunter bow will be pleased to hear that its stats have been increased, to reflect its power as a two-handed weapon.
  • Gem bags can now be upgraded hold up to 60 gems, including dragonstone.
  • The bonecrusher, charming imp and herbicide are now pocket-slot items.

New Pets

Also in stock at the reward trader are three new pets: tinier, friendlier versions of three iconic Daemonheim monsters:

  • Frosty the baby frost dragon requires 85 Dungeoneering and 99 Summoning, and you must have entered the Frost Dragon Resource Dungeon before.
  • Mini-Blink requires you to have defeated Blink himself, and 95 Dungeoneering.
  • Finally, to purchase the Hope Nibbler, you must have defeated the Hope Devourer and have 101 Dungeoneering.

To help you find space for your new friends, we've also increased the maximum capacity of the player-owned house menagerie at all tiers - up to 25, at the highest tier.

Floor Skipping

If you're a high-level player looking to maximise your dungeon delving, you'll no doubt enjoy the ability to skip floors for Dungeoneering tokens.

Open a new interface, accessible via the rewards trader, and choose the floors you want to skip.

Note that this is on a per-player, per-run basis.


We've made a few improvements to the Sinkholes D&D too. The reward trader on Daemonheim Peninsula can sell you the ability to get a free, random card upon starting a Sinkhole.

There's also a secret reward that can be obtained by playing the Ibis card.

Quality of Life Improvements

Finally, we've made a range of miscellaneous improvements - based on your suggestions and feedback - to make your adventures in Daemonheim more enjoyable:

  • It's now possible to recharge hoardstalker rings and reset your ring of kinship with dungeoneering tokens. Both options are available through the store.
  • There's now a timer to display how long you've spent on a floor, while you're in there.
  • Bonfires can now be used in dungeons.
  • It's now possible to use the Surge and Escape abilities in dungeons.
  • Entering a dungeon has now been streamlined with a new interface, which allows you to select dungeon size, party size difficulty and normal/hard mode, all in one place.
  • Loot beams now show when journals drop. It's also possible to right-click the Dungeoneering Tutor to find out which journals you're missing.
  • We've made some technical improvements to the spike trap room, making it smoother and quicker to complete.

Have Fun!

Remember that all this week there's double dungeoneering tokens and +50% Sinkholes XP as part of the RuneScape Road Trip. There's no better time to try out the new and improved Dungeoneering skill - enjoy, and give us your feedback over on the forums.

The RuneScape Ninja Team

In Other News
  • Kick back in style with Epic Resting Animations: on Solomon's General Store today!
  • Treasure Hunter Keys obtained through combat or skilling drops can now be automatically added to your total. If you're already at your limit, you'll be given the inventory item as usual. You can turn this on and off in the Treasure Hunter interface.
  • If you have more than one prismatic fallen star or lamp in your inventory, you'll be given the choice to convert all in the skill of your choice when redeeming one.

Take a look at the patch notes for other updates released today.

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